12 Best Spy Apps for Android in 2023 (Free)

The Top 12 Android Spy Apps for

We’re going to provide you a list of the top Android spy applications that you should all have on your phones. These apps are quite useful and have the ability to track your child’s or other person’s smartphone. Let’s examine the list now.

1) Dashboard for Privacy

  • Privacy Dashboard can assist you in enhancing the security and privacy of your Android device, even though it isn’t spy software.
  • This is a third-party app that mimics the features of the Android Privacy Dashboard.
  • What is your opinion of authorization and app usage, in detail? The app comes with a lovely interface that you can use to make sure no illegitimate apps have been granted superfluous rights.

2) Data Usage Monitor for GlassWire

  • You can keep an eye on WiFi network activity, data restrictions, and mobile data usage with the GlassWire Data Usage Monitor app for Android.
  • Because GlassWire Data Usage Monitor allows you to monitor data on your smartphone, we have included it in the spy app category.
  • When spy software transmits data back to its host, you may quickly identify it with the GlassWire Data Usage Monitor.
  • This is especially helpful for finding spy software that is hidden from antivirus or task managers.

3) Viewing IP Cams

  • With the help of this fantastic app, you can monitor and operate your traffic cameras, CCTV, IP camera, DVR, or webcam remotely from an Android device.
  • In the latest version of the gadget, you can also receive a notification when motion is detected.
  • When this app senses motion, it can begin recording automatically.

4) Hands-free Telephone Recorder

  • The greatest spy app available for Android smartphones is this one as well.
  • This app opens automatically whenever a call comes in or goes out.
  • It records all speaker-to-speaker exchanges as well as background noise on the device it is installed on.

5) Vault of Calculators

  • Calculator Vault will be considered a spy app even if it isn’t designed to spy on other users. The app’s calculator layout makes you feel like a detective.
  • At its core, it’s merely an equation-solving calculator software with complete functionality. There’s a trick to the calculator, though.
  • You can hide your pictures, programs, and other file kinds in a vault that appears when you enter the password on the calculator’s UI.
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6) Covert Eye

  • Among the greatest and most highly regarded Android espionage applications available right now is Hidden Eye.
  • When the app is loaded, it will automatically take a picture of the individual attempting to unlock your phone using an incorrect PIN or password.
  • You can configure Hidden Eye to play your ringtone in addition to an intruder selfie in the event that someone tries to unlock your phone without your consent.
  • Every Android version is entirely compatible with the app.

7) Truecaller: Dialer & Caller ID

  • It’s the only dialer program you’ll ever need because it can reject unsolicited calls and detect unknown callers.
  • Even if a caller isn’t stored in your phonebook, you can view their name and photo with TrueCaller.
  • To make your calling experience more intelligent and enjoyable, be aware of when pals are available for conversation.

8) Google Locate My Device

  • An Android app called Google Find My Device can assist you in finding your misplaced or pilfered smartphone. It’s a tool that can assist you in finding your misplaced smartphone.
  • Most Android phones come pre-installed with this capability, but if not, you can download the stand-alone application to enable it.
  • Even if your smartphone is in silent mode, you may use Google Find My Device to play music at full volume in case it is lost.
  • In addition, you can use this app to lock your misplaced smartphone or erase all of its data.

9)Norton Family’s regulation of children

  • An Android software called Norton Family Parental Control helps keep children safe online. But this isn’t even remotely a spy app.
  • With the app, you can keep an eye on what people are doing online.
  • If you install Norton Family Parental control on your friends’ phones, you can effortlessly monitor their websites and search terms.
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10) mSpy

  • In essence, mSpy is a phone tracking program made specifically with parents in mind.
  • With mSpy’s incredible parental control tools, you can monitor what your child or other loved ones are doing on their phone.
  • The primary functions of mSpy are to stay under the radar and track each tapped input.
  • In addition, you can see who they’ve phoned, see where they’ve gone, and read their social media conversations.
  • Even though mSpy is a helpful tool, in order to utilize all of its functions, you must acquire a license.
  • All in all, mSpy is an excellent Android surveillance tool.

11) Family Link on Google

  • In essence, Google Family Link is a really helpful parental management tool for Android devices.
  • This is an app that you can use to monitor senior citizens.
  • Your loved one’s location is displayed in real-time on the app, which also allows you to limit how much time you spend using it.
  • In the event of phone theft, you even have the option to call the number.
  • Utilizing Google Family Link depends entirely on your goals.
  • There are numerous methods to use it.

12)Fing – Network Tools

  • For Android, Fing is an excellent network monitoring tool.
  • Worldwide, the Android app is currently in use by more than 40 million people.
  • It’s a useful program for monitoring who uses your WiFi, determining internet speed, and other things.
  • Even though it’s not a fully functional spy app for Android, it nevertheless offers you a sense of espionage.

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