Top 5 Coding Apps which teach you to Learn Code

Programming is one of the most recession-proof professions. Software developers will continue to be in demand for decades, given how organizations and consumers have come to rely on technology for practically every aspect of their lives.

Where do you begin your education if you’ve never written a single line of code or have no concept of what programming entails? If you want to work for a software development firm like BairesDev, you may start by taking classes at your local university or using software to educate you on how to create, you guessed it, software.

It isn’t a singularity in the traditional sense. It’s the path that many people who are new to programming pursue. To that end, there are several excellent instructional resources available to you.

Even better, you may use the same resources on your Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone to continue your study while on the go. But what are the most delicate instruments to use? Let’s look at some of the coding applications on the market to see which one is best for you.



Codemurai offers hundreds of “pocket-sized” lessons to help you learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Typescript, Angular 2, ES6, MongoDB, Node, React, Java, Android SDK, Swift, iOS SDK, C#, Unity 3D, and Phased. You’ll learn Object-Oriented programming and computer science basics, as well as specialized languages.

Each lesson has been carefully crafted by industry experts with real-world experience and is suitable for beginners.

Codemurai is ad-free and has no advertisements.

Learn to Code at the Programming Hub:


Programming Hub: Learn to Code won Google Play’s Editors Choice award, was named Google’s “Best of the Best” for 2017 and is funded by Google Launchpad accelerator. This reimagining of the code-learning app includes a vast number of code samples (over 5,000), twenty-plus courses, and the quickest code compiler available.

You may study Java, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, R, CSS,, C#, Python 2.7/3, Swift, SQL, Jquery, and Assembly 8086 with Programming Hub: Learn to Code. You can also learn how to script in the Linux shell.

To help you learn to code, Programming Hub: Learn to Code employs concept-based visuals. Anyone (including those with no prior programming knowledge) can learn the art of programming through an interactive learning experience.

The app is completely free and contains a wealth of instructional content.


Learn to code on your own using SoloLearn:


Another free tool that makes learning to code simple is SoloLearn: Learn to Code. With SoloLearn: Learn to Code, you’ll have access to a community of coders who are eager to assist you on your path to mastering the art of programming. This app provides a unique combination of personal accomplishments and community involvement.

Anyone from a newbie to a pro may learn the ins and outs of languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, Kotlin, C++, C, C#, PHP, SQL, Ruby, and Swift via the “Code Playground” section’s hundreds of quizzes and exercises. Algorithms and data structures, Git, machine learning, and design patterns are all covered in SoloLearn: Learn to Code.

This free software delivers content to you depending on your progress, preferences, and the most recent market trends.

Code Hour with Lightbot:


If you have a child who wants to learn to code, Lightbot: Code Hour could be precisely the thing to get them started on the path to a career in application development.

Your youngster will learn to code by solving puzzles and playing games in a fun and easy-to-use environment with Lightbot: Code Hour. Procedures, sequencing, methods, loops, return statements, logical reasoning, and debugging will be taught to your child.

Lightbot: Code Hour is a completely free app:


Swiftbites learn Swift If you want to learn how to program in Swift (the language used by iOS, iPad, and macOS), Swiftbites – Learn Swift is the software for you. This software teaches the fundamentals of Swift and even provides a certificate to those who complete the course.

Swiftbites: Learn Swift offers concise, interactive courses that will teach you the language fundamentals. The program supports Xcode syntax color matching and allows you to run the sample code and observe the results.

Swiftbites has one caveat: it is no longer in development. Hence no new content will be developed for the app. However, if you’re interested in learning Swift, this is an excellent place to start.


Learn to Code for Free with Grasshopper:


This is Google’s take on the coding education app market. Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free is a fun, short game that teaches you JavaScript programming. Step-by-step instructions with real-time feedback and coaching.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free gives you achievements as you progress through the game until you’ve mastered the basics of JavaScript.

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