How to Tweet on Twitter from mobile or computer

Twitter is a well-known social media site with millions of active users that use it for microblogging. People frequently utilize this platform to share news and updates and express their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions online. Read our article ‘How to set up a Twitter account to learn more.’ You created a Twitter handle after creating a Twitter account, and some of you may want to read our post on how to modify your Twitter handle. It’s time to discover everything about Tweet. ‘Tweets’ are the posts that are shared on Twitter. This Twitter guide will explain what a tweet is, how to tweet on Twitter and some sample tweets.

What is a Tweet, exactly?


A Tweet is a communication posted on Twitter that can include text, links, polls, GIFs, images, and videos, among other media. The sender can see his Tweet on his Twitter profile and Home timeline. His followers will see it on their Home timeline at the exact moment.

It provides a user with various options for sending a tweet on Twitter. However, there are certain limits, as a user can only do one thing at a time.

Send a text message of up to 280 characters

add up to 25 stickers to your Tweet by posting four photographs, one GIF or video, and one GIF or video.

What Should I Tweet?


Before we get into how to Tweet, here are some first-tweet suggestions. On Twitter, you may say whatever you want.

  • You can express your opinion on current events.
  • You can discuss your favorite musicians, sports teams, hobbies, movies, and other topics, as well as what’s popular on Twitter.
  • You can engage your followers by sharing real-life amusing or uplifting stories.
  • You can announce any upcoming events, provide details on the debut of a new product, or offer advice on working in your field.
  • To make your material more engaging, you may include an image or a video.
  • If you’re still stumped for topics to discuss, look to your favorite Twitter celebrities for ideas. It will aid you in the creation of Tweet content.


How to Tweet on a Desktop:


Method 1


Step 1: Go to the official Twitter website and sign in with your account. Create a Twitter account first if you don’t already have one.

Step2: Two options for generating a Tweet for the profile page


Step 3: Select the ‘What’s going on?’ box.

Step 3: Compose your first Tweet (containing 280 characters).


Step 4: Finally, press the ‘Tweet’ button to send your Tweet.


Method 2 


Step 1: Read and follow method 1’s first two steps. Are you a Twitter user on your phone? Here’s how to sign up for Twitter on your phone.

Compose a tweet in the third step. It has a 280-character limit.


Compose a tweet in the third step. It has a 280-character limit.


Using a Mobile App to Tweet


Step 1: Log in to your Twitter account using the official app.


Step 2: On the Home page, click the Tweet button.


Step 3: Write your first Tweet’s text (containing only up to 280 characters).

Step 4: To send a Tweet from your profile, press the ‘Tweet’ button.


How Do You Safeguard a Tweet?


Have you ever seen a Twitter account with a lock icon? What does the lock on Twitter signify? Yes, you can keep your tweets private from the general public and only share them with your followers.

Step1: Firstly login to your Twitter account

Step 2: On the Home page, the ‘More’ option is located at the bottom of the vertical menu bar.


Step 3: Select Settings and Privacy> Your Account> Account Information from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Enter your account password and select Protected Tweets from the drop-down menu.


Step 5: To protect your Tweets, click the box.


Step 6: To confirm, select Protect.


Step 1: Open the official Twitter app on your Android device and log in to your account.


Step 2: On the Home page, select Settings and Privacy from the three bars in the upper left corner.


Step 3: Select Privacy and Safety from the new window.


Step 4: Enable the setting by tapping the button next to the ‘Protect your Tweets’ option.

I can tell you the best way to schedule a tweet:


Step 1: Enter a Tweet in the ‘What’s Happening?’ box.


Step 2: Near the emoji selection, click the small calendar symbol.


Step 3: Choose a day and time for your Tweet to go live.


Step 4: To schedule the Tweet, click Confirm.


Step 5: Confirm your selection by clicking Schedule once more.


This functionality is only available on the official Twitter website and web app.

You can find your scheduled Tweets by following the instructions below.


Activate the Tweet box > Select “Unsent Tweet”> “Schedule” from the drop-down menu.

Click the calendar icon on the ‘What’s Happening’ box, then Scheduled Tweets.


Important: What is the best way to pin a tweet?

 What is the best way to make a Twitter thread?


Step 1: Type your first Tweet into the ‘What’s Happening?’ box.


Step 2: To create a Tweet, click the addition (+) sign next to the Tweet button.

Step 3: To make your Twitter thread longer, click the + button to add new Tweets.

Step 4: Once the line is finished, click the ‘Tweet all’ button to post them all at once.


After that, you can view your Twitter thread as individual Tweets on your profile. To see all of the other Tweets, click ‘Show this thread.’

Step 5: To add new Tweets to this thread, click the ‘add another Tweet’ link below the last line.


How to Tweet: Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is my Tweet visible to anyone?


If you make your Tweets public, everyone can see them. You can, however, limit the audience of your Tweets to your followers by making them private.



2. Who has the authority to respond to my Tweet?


Users on Twitter have three options for who can respond to their Tweets —

Everyone – Your post can be replied to by anyone from your followers or people you are following.


Only the individuals you’ve been following on Twitter will respond to your message.


Only those you mention – If you mention someone in a tweet, that person is the only one who may reply to it.


Before sending a Tweet, you can select one of these alternatives.



3. Is it possible to send a Tweet to a DM?

Yes, you can DM other people’s Tweets (Direct Message).


4. Tweeter can use for Schedule a Tweet

The official Twitter app for mobile does not allow you to schedule a Tweet. Only the Twitter web app or website can generate and schedule a Tweet.


5. How can I increase Twitter engagement?

Before sending a tweet on Twitter, consider these ways to engage a larger audience.

  • Tweet more frequently and include visual stuff in your tweets.
  • How to Use Hashtags Correctly
  • Retweet or reply to users who Retweet or comment on your post.
  • Use hashtags and keywords that are currently popular.
  • Find people who share your interests.
  • Use alternative platforms to distribute your material.
  • Post your Tweet during peak hours or days when most Twitter users are online.
  • Keep in touch if you’d want to learn more about the relevant topics. If you’re wondering how to modify or delete a Tweet, keep reading to find out.

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