Quickly and Efficiently Resolve These AirPods Issues

You probably use your AirPods a lot. You put them in your ears as soon as you step onto the subway platform in an attempt to block out the noise of other passengers and have a quiet ride to work. Whether it’s a call from your boss about work issues or a grocery-related emergency, you use these numbers.
Micro scratches, battery depletion and disappearing altogether are just some of the drawbacks of using AirPods. To avoid any of these annoyances here is how to deal with them:

Cleaning Up Your Evidence

Apple is well-known for its clean aesthetics. Although the aesthetics are modern and striking, they are not necessarily functional. The wireless charging case for the AirPods is compact, sleek, and completely white. A week into using the container, you began to notice that it was nearly impossible to keep it in excellent shape. Scratches, scuffs, and dirt stick to it like crazy.
Customizing your AirPods case with an original 3M vinyl skin is the best way to hide scuffs or scratches and end the cosmetic damage cycle. With an excellent design like Matrix, Red Dragon, or Mahogany covering the case’s imperfections, the protective coating will disguise all the blemishes the subject has already accumulated. You can now take the point out of your pocket to avoid embarrassment without feeling self-conscious.

Losing them

AirPods were widely derided for looking too simple to lose in their early days. Although the pre-release allegations were overblown, AirPod misplacement is still widespread.
Because of their high price, you’ll want to get your hands on these headphones as soon as possible. Track the location of your AirPods using Find My iPhone, free software from Apple. This is much easier to do when the AirPods are still powered on. As soon as the battery in your AirPods runs low, the app will show you where they were last seen.
Follow in the footsteps of Gabrielle Reilly if you’re continuously losing these items and want to make sure they’re always close at hand. The design allows her to easily insert and remove them from her ears.
For those who prefer the more traditional approach, keep them safely stored in your case when not in use and carry the matter with you at all times. Consider it a new bare-bones necessity, similar to your house keys, bus pass, or wallet.

Taking Care of a Low Battery

When you put in your AirPods, the battery is already half-drained. It’s impossible, right?
Battery life will be drained if you engage in certain habits. Utilizing AirPods for phone conversations and storing them away without charging will drain your battery faster than simply turning them off. Avoiding these evil practices will ensure that your AirPods don’t die halfway through your commute or workout.
If changing your poor behaviours isn’t working, you can always reset your AirPods and reattach them to your iPhone or another iOS device to see if it fixes the problem. When the status light changes from amber to white after pressing the setup button, you are ready to reconnect with your tech. The tried-and-true method of “turning it off and on again” might provide surprising results.
AirPods battery depletion can also be attributed to the fact that they are more than a few years old and are no longer able to manage your demands as well as they once did. When a battery is tiny, it loses its ability to store energy over time. Battery drain is unlikely to result from your bad habits if you bought the headphones in 2016.
When old age is the root of the problem, the only option is to replace the affected components. If you don’t want to put up with battery life issues, you’ll have to contact Apple Support. Each pod will cost $49, but consumers who have beyond their warranty expiration date will be required to pay $69 for each pod.
If you follow the advice in this article, you won’t have any problems with your wireless headphones anymore. Your charging case will no longer resemble a soiled and abused container of dental floss with the addition of high-quality vinyl skin. You won’t have to worry about losing your AirPods thanks to Find My iPhone or a clever pair of earrings. Finally, you’ve figured out how to cope with those annoying headphone batteries, so you can go through your commute without having to replace them.

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