Security camera systems are being transformed by Color Night Vision Technology

When black-and-and-white televisions first came out, they were revolutionary and a must-have for any home. Then came colour, and our TV watching was forever changed. When it comes to security camera systems, colour is beginning to replace the grainy black-and-white recordings we’ve come to expect, just like television. Learn how colour night vision technology is quickly becoming a game-changer for home and business security.

Possible to Get a Clear Image


Colour night vision technology is being adopted by Lorex Technology in their new Nocturnals wired security camera systems. Even in the middle of the night, you can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality with a high-end HD system. There are some drawbacks to colour night vision technology, such as that it cannot show the full spectrum of colours in total darkness. With a few street lights or sensor lights, the colour can be activated by the ambient light…

Improved Detection


When an intruder shows up at your house or place of business, it can feel like you’ve been invaded. Catching the culprit could perhaps deter them from reoffending, but there needs to be evidence for this to happen. With clear night vision and colour, you can collect more information that can be used by the police. A person’s hair, attire, and eye colour can all be discerned, making it easier to identify them. A man with brown hair, blue eyes, black jeans, and a white t-shirt could be mistaken for a darkened figure with dark hair if he had colour night vision technology. It’s not hard to conceive how this new information could aid law enforcement in searching for an individual.

There Is No Place to Hide


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Your security camera system will provide you peace of mind by protecting your house and business with colour night vision and other advanced capabilities. For people who commute or frequently travel, having the ability to record in real-time using a mobile device is essential. To top it all off, colour night vision technology ensures that any would-be intruder will have no place to hide, even if they sneak up on you in the dead of night. Because of the stronger contrast that this function provides, criminals will no longer be able to get away undetected.
Color night vision for security cameras in the future. For the sake of sharp contrast and more apparent features, you’ll need some ambient lighting. The Nocturnal line from Lorex, for example, offers not only colour night vision but also 4K super HD, a waterproof construction, and high-quality audio. We can’t afford to be lax when it comes to security, and taking the proper precautions now could help bring those responsible to justice down the road. A conspicuous security camera system could deter an invader because they know they’ll be caught more often if it’s apparent.

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