Sibi Zip code | Postal list of Sibi

Sibi GPO Postcodes, ZIP Codes, or Postal Codes

GPOs in Sibi are listed here with their postal codes.
We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all Sibi GPO zip codes and related information for your convenience. This table lists the Sibi postcodes of the connected branch offices for Sibi delivery post offices and those that do not deliver supplies.

Sibi Zipcode | Postal list of Sibi

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Sibi G.P.O. Postal / Zip Code Details
Sibi G.P.O. Postcode Type Delivery Sibi G.P.O. Post office
Sibi G.P.O. Postal Code 82000
Area Name Sibi G.P.O.
Post Office Name General Post Office
Sibi G.P.O. Post Office Type Main GPO
Post office Address
General Post Office, Sibi, Balochistan
Tehsil Sibi
District Sibi
City Code SBQ
Sibi G.P.O. Latitude 29.5448
Sibi G.P.O.  Longitude 67.8764
Province Balochistan
Country Pakistan
Pakistan ISO Code 2 Digits: PK3 Digits: PAK

A five-digit code known as a PostCode is frequently used for automatic postal sorting to a specific post office or address in Pakistan. People use the term ‘postcodes’ when referring to ZIP codes and postal codes.

List of Sibi Postal Code or Zip Code

Area Name Postal code GPO Name State Name
BHAG 81250 Sibi GPO Balochistan
CHATTAR 80800 Sibi GPO Balochistan
DEAR MURAD JAMALI 80700 Sibi GPO Balochistan
DERA ALLAYYAR 80500 Sibi GPO Balochistan
DERA BUGTI 80100 Sibi GPO Balochistan
DHADAR 81400 Sibi GPO Balochistan
GANDAKHA 80400 Sibi GPO Balochistan
GANDAWA 81050 Sibi GPO Balochistan
HAJI SHAHER 81300 Sibi GPO Balochistan
HARNAI 82300 Sibi GPO Balochistan
JHAL MAGSI 81100 Sibi GPO Balochistan
KHOST 82310 SIBI GPO Balochistan
KOLPUR 81550 Sibi GPO Balochistan
LEHRI 81200 Sibi GPO Balochistan
MANJHI PUR 80200 Sibi GPO Balochistan
MITHRI VILLAGE 81350 Sibi GPO Balochistan
RIND ALI 81410 SIBI GPO Balochistan
SANNI 81450 Sibi GPO Balochistan
SHARIGH 82400 Sibi GPO Balochistan
SIBI G.P.O. 82000 Sibi GPO Balochistan
SIBI PETROL PUMP 82200 Sibi GPO Balochistan
SIBI RAILWAY COLONY 82100 Sibi GPO Balochistan
SOHBAT PUR 80600 Sibi GPO Balochistan
SUI GAS FIELD SIBI 80000 Sibi GPO Balochistan
TALLI 82010 SIBI GPO Balochistan
USTA MUHAMMAD 80300 Sibi GPO Balochistan

Sibi Zip code | Postal list of Sibi


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