Top 5 South Asian Startups in 2022

Top 5 Emerging South Asian Startups in 2022

The start-up world is expanding at an astronomical rate. Thanks to new start-ups, our world is getting better and better every day. An understanding of the current consumer market can be gained by looking at start-up companies and the products and services they offer.

Here are some of the most promising 2022 start-ups to watch for if you’re looking to make a positive impact on the consumer market.

1. Airlift is the first option. Pakistan

Airlift is a new start-up that recently became the talk of the town after completing their first round of funding worth $85 million in South Asia. Previously a transportation company, the company is now ready to serve the e-commerce market. They’re in charge of eight major Pakistani cities. No matter what you need, Airlift will have it within 30 minutes, whether it’s food, medicine, or something else. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba plan to expand into other industries, including electronics, over time.

2- HealthWire

It is the goal of the digital healthcare start-up Healthwise. Pk to make healthcare available to everyone. The start-up is serving B2B and B2C consumer markets in Pakistan. SaaS company Healthwire aims to revolutionise healthcare by providing Hospital Management Information Software, LIMS, Pharmacy and Practice Management, and online pharmacy and online doctor consultations as their main products. The start-up developed a healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan from multiple angles. Healthwire’s goal is to provide a comprehensive healthcare solution for both consumers and providers under one roof.

3. Bakeys

Bakeys is an Indian start-up whose goal is to reduce pollution’s adverse effects on the environment. Cutlery made by Bakeys is known for being environmentally friendly. As a result, the damaging effects of plastic pollution can be alleviated. Because of the many adverse impacts of plastic pollution on the environment, environmentally friendly products continue to be in high demand. Bakeys has developed biodegradable cutlery that does not harm the environment using natural ingredients and flours.

4- Non-academic institutions.

Indian start-up Unacademy started on YouTube but has evolved into a full-fledged educational platform. With a current market capitalisation of $3.44 billion, this company specialises in educational technology. When Gaurav Munjal uploaded a video about variables to YouTube and received a considerable response, his idea for an Edtech company was born. India’s most prominent educational start-up was born out of years of hard work. Programs offered by Unacademy are designed to help students prepare for challenging exams.

5-bit word

Another important sector is food, and several new food-related businesses have recently emerged. A byte, for example, is a food start-up in Lahore that aims to make food delivery more convenient and cost-effective for consumers. They’ve created a web-based start-up aimed at consumers that provides on-demand platforms for high-quality delivery. The byte is set to join the ranks of local businesses already thriving in the consumer market.

The End of the Story!

The topic of start-ups has and will continue to be debated. This market is scorching because of the largest consumer market in South America and Asia. All these start-ups and many others are setting new trends. These start-ups and many others have developed a great example if you are eager to bring this newness and brave enough. It’s essential to learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before you to ensure that your time and effort are well worth it.

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