How to Add a Full-Length Reel Instagram Story in 2022

A Full-Length Reel Instagram Story in 2022: How?

A Full-Length Reel can now be added to your Instagram Story in this article, a direct competitor to TikTok. Because of this, users can post and share short-form video content, which is accompanied by a soundtrack. An Instagram storey that includes an entire reel A reel can be shared in the same manner as any other Instagram post in just a few simple steps.

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It has been moved to the middle of Instagram’s navigation bar at the bottom of the screen in the latest update.

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How to create an Instagram Reel to your Instagram Account


  1. Open Instagram on your smartphone or tablet to begin the process.
  2. Add new reels by clicking the Reels icon in the middle of the app’s bottom menu, which looks like a clapper board.
  3. Select the reel you’d like to share from the drop-down menu.
  4. You will find a share icon on your toolbar on the left (it looks like a paper plane).
  5. Pop-up menu: choose “Add reel to your tale” (add reel to the storey).
  6. If you want, you can personalise the clip in any way you like. “Your Story,” “Close Friends,” or “Send To” are all options you can use when you’re done adding to your storey. You can also send it to a specific person or a group chat.

Completion How to Post a Full Reel on Instagram

So now you know how simple it is to post a longer-than-15-second reel video on Instagram. Adding a reel to your Instagram storey is also a skill you have mastered. After using this method, you’ll be able to do it right the first time around. Instagram’s video reels contain hundreds of videos every day. If you think they’d be attractive to your audience, you can share them.



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