How to Delete the Kwai Account

Deleting the Kwai Account in 2022

Kwai, a Tiktok competitor, is a video-making app that allows users to create short videos. People frequently use the Euphoria service to capitalize on the novelty of a new application; however, after the initial animation, it is possible to lose interest in using the application and remain with a stopped account. Here’s how to deactivate your KWAI account and disconnect from the service.

Kwai’s account should be deleted.

Kwai’s account deletion procedure is straightforward, though it could be more direct because it includes a few unnecessary steps. Step-by-step instructions for deleting your Kwai account can be found here.

  • Create a kwai account;
  • Click the icon in the upper left corner, and
  • Then select “Account Security.”
  • Look for the “Delete My Account” option at the bottom of the screen;
  • Select one of the reasons for canceling your kwai account.
  • Select “Delete My Account” from the fall menu;
  • You will then see a text stating that your account will be completely deleted in 72 hours. Confirm.


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