How to Fix When PS4 Won’t Turn On

Fixing your PS4 to Turn it On

This guide will show you how to fix your PlayStation 4 if it doesn’t turn on. It is a common issue that all players face. We’ve included a list of all known cases, along with solutions. You won’t need any outside assistance if you know how to use these tricks. A simple do-it-yourself project would suffice, saving you both time and money. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why your PS4 won’t turn on, as well as potential solutions.

The Most Common Causes of PS4 Not Turning On

There are two kinds of big issues to think about. The specifics are as follows:

Hardware issues

  • A broken power button
  • HDMI is broken.
  • There are USB ports available.
  • There are some power issues.

Software issues

  • Downgrading the system software was ineffective.
  • Corrupted database tables and columns or a corrupted file system
  • There was a power outage during the system software upgrade.

How to Restart a PS4 [PlayStation 4] Console

Disconnect the power

If your PS4 doesn’t turn on at all, disconnect the power supply connection. Allow at least 30 seconds before plugging in the power cable. The PS4 should now be able to boot up.

Power Cycling

How to Troubleshoot a PS4 That Won’t Turn On

  • Hold down the power button on your PS4 for 30 seconds.
  • Now disconnect the console from the power source.
  • Allow for a total of 20 minutes for the process to complete.
  • For a total of 30 seconds, press and hold the power button.
  • Finally, test the console by plugging it into an electrical outlet and seeing if it glows.

Change the Power Cord

If the first two options didn’t work for you, try this third one. Attempt to turn on the PS4 with a different power cable.

Change The Power Strip Or Power Outlet

This is the final prediction on the topic of power. As a last resort, replace your power strip and outlet. If the portable charger fails, the PS4 will not turn on.

Insert A Game Disc

Insert a game disc into the drive. There are no further issues if your PS4 can read the disc and run normally. However, if the disc is not inserted, there may be a problem with the hard drive or the system’s file system.

Clean Your PS4

It is highly recommended that you clean your console regularly. Cotton swabs and a microfiber cloth are required to clean the dust from the outside of your PS4. Dust the inside of the vent openings with compressed air. If you believe it is dirtier on the inside, remove the screw and clean the inside of your PS4.


How to remove the Hard Drive in PS4?

  • Unplug the power supply from your console.
  • Then, press down on the LED light point on your console and drag it to the left to remove the waterproof coating.
  • Using a knife, remove the screws in the top-left corner of your console. The screws are decorated with the PS button icon.
  • Remove the hard drive from your console using the metal protrusion.

How to do a factory reset in PlayStation 4?

  • Navigate to Settings from the home screen.
  • From PlayStation Network / Account Management, select Activate as your Primary PS4.
  • From the fall menu, select Deactivate.
  • Now, manually turn on your console.
  • To access the Settings page, enter your username and password again.
  • From the Initialising menu, select Initialize PS4.
  • Then select Full, then Initialize, and finally Yes. It could take hours to complete.

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