How To Use -Ok Google Turn On Flashlight-For Android Phones

How To Use -Ok Google Turn On Flashlight-For Android Phones in 2022

Google Assistant is a smart assistant created by Google that executes the user’s commands. It has an impact on other technologies as it interacts with users. There are several ways to turn on the flashlight. Today’s lesson will teach you how to say, “OK, Google, turn on the flashlight.” It’s useful when you can’t turn on the flashlight because you’re doing something else. To activate Google Assistant, say things like “OK Google flashlight” or “Hey Google turn on the flashlight.”

Turning on the flashlight with Google Assistant

Google resembles the Google of a few years ago. It has improved in almost every aspect. As a result of Google’s integration with artificial intelligence, many new paths have emerged. One example is its intelligent assistance.

Toggle on Google Assistant

You must enable Google Assistant on your devices for this functionality to work. This function is available in Android versions five and up. Press and hold your home button to activate it. Another option is to say, “OK, Google.”

Turn On Flashlight

After it starts working, you can say, “Hey Google, turn on the flashlight.” If you have your phone’s assistant enabled, you will notice an animation at the bottom of the screen. Is there a specific movement in the spirit? Wait for a torchlight to turn on. If that doesn’t work, try saying something like “google turn flashlight on” or something similar.

Flashlight in Notification Panel

Swiping down the notification panel reveals a torch icon. When you tap it, it turns on.

If you don’t see a flashlight in the notification bar, go to the notification panel settings. The options icon is typically located in the upper right corner of the screen. When you tap on the icon, a list of default apps you can use in the notification panel will appear. Next, turn on the flashlight.

Flashlight X Widget

Press and hold the home screen for a few seconds. There will be a few apps available. Drag the flashlight to the display of your computer. It will now appear as a widget on your mobile screens.
On some older cellphones, the torch is not available as an app. So, here are a few apps that you can use to make your device’s torchlight more useful.

Flashlight apps available for Android Phones

Investigate the various flashlight apps for your smartphone. Click the Download icon to install the app on your phone.
The camera in this app controls the torch. The power button widget can be added to your home screen and activated with a single button press. The app is less than 30KB in size. It also has no advertisements and is completely free to download. After you’ve downloaded it, all you have to do is say, “Hey Google, turn on my flashlight,” and it will light up.

Icon Torch – Flashlight

This app is free to download and has a simple interface. The app is so small that it can be used on a small smartphone. This app does not have any settings. The app can also be added to the quick launch bar, navigation bar, notification bar, or home screen. Tap the torch icon to launch the app, then tap again to exit. Alternatively, you could say, “Google, turn off the flashlight.”

Power Button Flashlight – LED Flashlight Torch

After downloading this software, press the power button three times for three seconds. If you use the volume buttons in the order up, up, down, the torch will turn on. You can also say, “OK, Google, turn on my flashlight.” It’s free to download, but you don’t have to unlock your phone to use the flashlight. When the phone’s screen is turned on, you can also turn on the torchlight by twisting it. As a result, there are numerous ways to turn on the light in this app. This app has the authority to assign accessibility permissions.


This is the brightest and most powerful torchlight available for download. It can function as a flashlight by utilizing the light from the screen and the camera’s LED. It is available in a variety of light colors. The beautiful design includes blinking and SOS mode when the widget is activated. You can also say, “OK, Google flashlight on,” if your device is Google Assistant-enabled.

Easy Flashlight – Super Bright LED Flashlight

This torch operates in the same manner as a natural LED light. The user-friendly interface is very appealing. Furthermore, the app does not consume a lot of your memory. You can also say, “Google, turn on my flashlight,” if your smartphone supports Google Assistant. The app supports widgets and can be used even if you have multiple apps open simultaneously.

Power Button Torch/ Flashlight

The power button controls this torch on a smartphone. Press the power button a few times to turn it on. You can also enable it from the notification bar. You can also turn off the light by saying, “OK, Google, turn off the flashlight.” This app is small enough to fit on your smartphone’s home screen. There are no advertisements in the app.

Pure Flashlight – Super Bright LED

This app is completely free. It comes with free photos that were previously available. Furthermore, the torchlight can be used even if the screen is locked. It has a straightforward and straightforward user interface. In the app, there are no other options. Google Voice Assistant will light the torch for you. This game contains no advertisements or in-app purchases. What exactly are you waiting for? The time has come to download this software by clicking the button below. The pure flashlight is one of the best Google turns on flashlight apps available right now.

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