How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram in 2022

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

Most active Instagram users will occasionally encounter the issue “Action banned on Instagram,” and you may have attempted to find a solution, which is why you’re here, right? So sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered on “how to delete Action banned on Instagram.”

Before we get into the solutions, let’s look at some of the different “Action blocked on Instagram” scenarios.

What is Action Blocked on Instagram?

Have you received a notification that you have been temporarily or permanently blocked?

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On Instagram, this restriction is known as Action Blocked, and it occurs when you are unable to like someone’s images, comment on a post, or follow/unfollow an account.

Does Instagram restrict certain activity on user accounts?

Yes, if the Instagram algorithm determines that a user is abusing a feature, his account may be restricted.

This restriction can be temporary or permanent, and it can have an expiration date or not.

Temporary Block on Instagram

Temporary blocks on Instagram and other social media platforms are fairly common.

When a user abuses an Instagram function and engages in a large number of activities in a single hour or day, Instagram may temporarily suspend him for 24 hours.

Instagram Action Blocked with An Expiration Date

This temporary block message has an expiration date.

For up to 30 days, your Instagram account may be blocked.
Some features are unavailable to the user because he is not permitted to like, comment, or follow others.

However, the user can post stories and send direct messages to other users.

Instagram Action Blocked without An Expiration Date

The user may see an Instagram Action Blocked notice with no expiry date. It could last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

However, unlike the error with an expiration date, this error does not have a “Tell us” button for reporting the problem.
In this case, users may request a review of their activities.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • The help icon should be tapped.
  • Finally, you have the option of filing a formal complaint.

On the website, there is no option to report a problem.

Permanent Instagram Action Blocked

This Action is permanently disabled, so no one can undo it.

Instagram may indefinitely block accounts for the following reasons:

The user violated a number of terms of service or terms of usage.
A user account was frequently “Action blocked” for a short period of time.
Other users reported a large number of postings and comments from various accounts.
Now that you’re familiar with the various action blocks, it’s time to look into what causes them to happen.

Why Instagram Blocked My Account?

Instagram has set hourly or daily action limits for its users. If you exceed the action limit, you may encounter an action block. Let’s take a quick look at the Instagram action limits.

Instagram Limits (Daily/Hourly)

Instagram’s time limits per hour and day are listed below.

Instagram Action Hourly Limits

  • It is possible to receive up to 120 likes per hour.
  • It is possible to receive up to 25 comments per hour.
  • Follow no more than 12 accounts per hour.
  • Each hour, no more than 50 accounts should be unfollowed.
  • You should never send more than 10 direct messages per hour (Avoid sending the same message to everybody).

Instagram Action Daily Limits

  • It is possible to receive up to 500 likes per day.
  • It is possible to receive up to 200 comments per day.
  • In no case should you follow more than 150 accounts in a single day?
  • Each day, no more than 150 accounts should be unfollowed.
  • Never send more than 70 direct messages in one day (Avoid sending the same message to many users).

Instagram Combined Action Limit

Instagram may not action ban you if your total daily actions (likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and direct messages) are less than 500.

Those who are aware of Instagram’s hourly and daily action limits will never see the “Action Blocked on Instagram” notification.

Other Instagram Limits

  • Maintain a time interval of 20-35 seconds between two likes or comments.
  • Don’t tag more than 20 people in a normal post.
  • Don’t tag more than 35 people in a rotating post.
  • In a single post, no more than 30 tags should be used.
  • Do not publish more than 100 stories in a single day.

Instagram’s hourly or daily action limits may differ between old and new accounts. Other factors, such as policy violations, the misuse of bots and automation tools, suspicious activity, spamming, and so on, may result in the limitations on your Instagram account is reduced.

Why is Instagram Limiting My Actions?

Why does Instagram restrict my activities and actions? This is the most common question that people seek out and ask of others. So, let’s look into what’s causing this.

You exhausted the Instagram action limits

Users are not permitted to exceed their daily or hourly action limits on Instagram. Users can now only perform a certain number of actions per day or hour.

Accounts that exceed the daily or hourly action limits may be barred from taking actions on Instagram.
Instagram prohibits users from exceeding the action limits for their own safety. Instagram also imposes action limits based on the activity level or age of the account.

In my opinion, you should never make too many likes, comments, or follow or unfollow actions. Instagram may mark them as spam or abuse, in which case you will receive an Action Blocked notification.

You have a new account

New accounts cannot perform as many actions as existing accounts.

It’s critical to tread carefully when liking, commenting, following, or unfollowing with your new account.
Instagram despises automated bots on its platform. Always behave like a human, not a bot, on Instagram.

Instagram may deactivate your account if you continue to receive the Action blocked messages.

You violated the Instagram policy

Instagram reduces the number of actions you can take after each infraction.

Other users can block and report your post if they believe you have violated the community guidelines.
You should never share explicit content, hate speech, fake news, copyrighted content, or illegal content on Instagram. It’s possible that your account will be marked as suspicious.

Instagram records all account IP addresses and keeps track of all accounts that share the same IP address. As a result, a violation of one account may have ramifications on your other accounts.

Professional users set up and manage multiple Instagram accounts, each with their own IP address. A trustworthy VPN service can help you obtain a new IP address on a regular basis.

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