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Going to Start a blogging post | What is the best way to start a blog post

How To Start A Blog From Scratch and with No Experience

This blog creation tutorial is intended for people who are new to blogging and know little or nothing about it.

In minutes, you’ll have your blog up and running.

Step 1: Select the Blogging Platform

The first question to consider is where to begin your blog.

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There are numerous blogging systems available, and each has its own set of pros and cons.

The majority of bloggers begin their blogging careers on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is popular because it is simple to use.

Here’s a fun fact: WordPress powers 37% of all websites on the internet.

You’re ready to move on to something more substantial once you’ve completed the testing phase. Don’t get mixed up between and a self-hosted WordPress -blog; instead, get a WordPress blog.

You will require a self-hosted WordPress blog (

What your blog is about? (Niche)

The first thing you should do is figure out your blog’s niche. Choosing a topic for your blog is referred to as finding a place.

I hope you’re not looking to make money by blogging about anything and everything. This will not work in 2022, and sticking to a single topic will improve your chances of success.

You may be a jack of all trades and want to start a blog on various topics, but this will be futile because people prefer to subscribe to a blog that is an authority on a specific subject.

Furthermore, Google, the world’s most popular search engine, prefers websites focused on a specific topic.

Pick a Blog name & domain name for your blog.

When choosing a domain name, I usually adhere to the following four guidelines:

  • Easy to remember
  • Typing is easy.
  • It’s easy to say.
  • Branding is straightforward.
  • A domain name is the web address that a visitor will use to access a blog.

Go to, for example.

A custom domain name is something that offers for $12 per year. However, I’ve included a tip below to help you save $12 on your name purchase.

A few guidelines will help you choose the best name for your new blog. Here are a few pointers gleaned from personal experience:

Picking the hosting to start the blog:

WordPress will be set up on a server. This is a server that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is where all of your future blog images, blog designs, and other information will be saved (hosting).

That is how you will access your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The good news is that hosting is reasonably priced.

There are numerous hosting companies to choose from, but we recommend the following for your blog:

Bluehost is the best option because it comes with everything you’ll need to start a blog. Features like:

  • SSL is included at no cost, and bandwidth is unlimited.
  • Storage is limitless.
  • cPanel is simple and comes with a free domain name (a $12/year savings).
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days with live chat support

Set up your blog

The best part about Bluehost (as seen in the video above) is that it will immediately set up your blog. However, you are not finished because you must complete a few tasks before writing your first blog article.

I’ve included a few guides to help you get started on setting up your blog for branding and making it perfect:

Design of your blog

The blog’s mantra is “the first impression is the last impression.”

The most important aspect of your blog is its design because it ensures that your readers will enjoy it. That is exactly how your blog’s readers will recall it. Consider your blog design to be you dressed to the nines.

WordPress has the concept of “WordPress themes.” These were previously blog templates that could be used for any blog.

WordPress themes are available in both free and paid versions. I usually recommend buying a premium theme because you will get full support, a beginner’s guide, and a high-quality design for your blog.


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