How to Update Safari on Mac to the Latest Version In 2022

Updating Safari on Mac to the Latest Version 2022

Safari is one of Apple Inc.’s fastest and most dependable web browsers. On all Apple devices, it is the default web browser. Like other web browsers, it must be updated regularly to remove bugs and receive the most recent security updates. It also aids the browser’s performance when viewing larger web pages. You can update Safari through the App Store or the built-in macOS settings if you have a Mac.

How to Update Safari on Mac from Settings

Use settings: Choose the Apple icon, then System Preferences, then System Update, then Safari Browser, and finally Install Now.

  1. Turn on your Mac and go to the top-left corner of the screen to the Apple icon.
  2. Select System preferences from the menu.
  3. In the new window that appears, click Software Update.
  4. Your computer will now begin to check for any available updates.
  5. Click More Info if you want to install a Safari update.
  6. To install the updates, check the box next to the Safari browser.
  7. Select “Install Now” from the drop-down menu.
  8. The most recent version of the browser will be automatically downloaded and installed. After the update is complete, you’ll be able to see all of Safari’s new features.

You can also automatically check and install updates on your Mac by checking the box labeled ‘Automatically keep my Mac up to date.’

How to Update Safari on Mac / MacBook Through App Store

Safari and other apps can be updated by users running macOS High Sierra or later.

  1. Open the App Store by clicking the Apple icon.
  2. At the top of the screen, select the Updates tab.
  3. The system will begin scanning for any available updates.
  4. To install all apps, click Update All, or click the UPDATE icon next to the app you want to update.
  5. It will now ask you for your Apple ID and password.
  6. After that, click Sign In.
  7. Hold off until the upgrade is finished.
  8. Once the update is complete, you can go to the list and see all of the most recent updates. Once the update is full, exit the App Store.

You may not see any updates available in the App Store if your system is set to update automatically.

Commonly Asked Questions

  •  Which version of Safari for Mac is the most recent?
    Safari for macOS – version 15.3
  • On a Mac or MacBook, where can I find the Safari version?
    Select About Safari from the Safari menu bar. Your current Safari version will be displayed in a pop-up window.
  • Why am I unable to update my Mac?
    The most common reason for your Mac’s failure to update is a lack of storage space.

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