How to remove about blank in 2022?

Remove about blank in 2022

This article will show you how to remove about: blank from your browser. This feature is available in all web browsers. Your browser displays a blank page when navigating to an empty URL, such as “about: blank.” It can be found in almost any online browser. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and others are examples of browsers.

While about blank isn’t the end of the world, it is the home page of many people. You can configure it to always open with an empty white screen in most browsers. If you don’t like the default setting and want to change it, we’ll show you how to avoid it.

What is about: blank?

It’s nothing more than a blank page in your browser. The URL part that begins with “about:” instructs the browser to display internal, built-in web pages. Enter about: settings into the search box, for example, to get to the settings section, and about: downloads to get to the downloads section.

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Is It worth using about blank?

The most frequently used homepage is about: blank. As a result, every time you open your browser, you will be presented with a blank page.

Go to your browser’s settings and tell it to open with about: blank instead of another web page.

If a web browser starts and has no idea what to display, it may indicate an empty about the blank page. After all, a browser must always display something, and loading about it: blank is one way to accomplish this.

Is It harmful software or a virus?

Concerning: blank page is not a virus or malicious software. It carries no risk. If you suspect your computer has a virus, you can use antivirus software.

How to about: blank Remove?

About: blank is difficult to remove or delete. It’s built into your browser and will always be available. You are not required to see it again if you do not wish to.

If you normally see about: blank when you open your web browser, but instead see your browser’s New Tab page or another web page, all you need to do is change your web browser’s primary page.

How to Remove about: blank in Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome has now been launched.
  • Then, navigate to the Google Chrome menu and then to Settings.
  • “At startup” must be selected.
  • Scroll down and click “Open the New Tab Page.”

How to Remove about: blank in Mozilla Firefox

  • Mozilla Firefox has now been launched.
  • Choose a menu item.
  • Then, select an option. Home
  • Select the desired home page for new windows and tabs. Check that the “about: blank” and “Blank Page” options are not fixed.

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