How to use Instagram notifications, and where did they go in 2022?

Use the Instagram notifications

If you like Instagram but want to be more effective and intentional about how you use it to connect with others, this is the guide for you. Using Instagram alerts is a fantastic way to stay on top of trending, friends, and interactions without wasting hours scrolling aimlessly. So, let’s talk about how to enable notifications and tailor them to your specific needs.

How to turn on and turn off Instagram notifications

Let’s start with the fundamentals: how to disable Instagram notifications and configure them so that you only see the most important information.

How to turn on Instagram notifications in iPhone Settings

In your iPhone Settings, you can change how you see Instagram notifications outside of the app. You have the option of receiving banner-style notifications on your home screen, as well as hearing sounds or seeing previews. Here’s how to enable and modify them in your iPhone’s settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and click Instagram.
  3. Select Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  4. Allow Notifications is enabled.

How to turn off or customize notifications on iPhone

If you don’t want any Instagram notifications to appear on your phone outside of the Instagram app, simply follow the steps outlined above to disable them. This has no effect on how your notifications appear in the app. Here are some additional options for customizing Instagram notifications on iPhone:

Where are your notifications displayed? Instagram alerts can be displayed on your Lock Screen, Notification Center, or as a banner, as well as where they appear.

Turn on or off the Instagram notification noises.

When you receive an Instagram notification, you can select whether or not you want a sample to appear.
Grouping: Arrange all of your Instagram notifications on one screen.

How to turn on post notifications for a specific account

To change Instagram alerts for specific accounts, go to the account within the Instagram app. Here’s how to tailor Instagram notifications to a single account, whether you have one or many:

  1. Navigate to the Instagram account for which you want to change notifications.
  2. Navigate to that account’s profile and select the menu in the upper right corner.
  3. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  4. Select Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  5. Scroll through the menu to customize Instagram alerts for specific content such as posts, Stories, comments, new followers, new messages, and more.
  6. If Instagram notifications are driving you insane, you can disable them by pressing the Pause All button until you’re ready to deal with them again.

What happened to Instagram notifications in 2022?

Instagram, like most other social media apps, is continually adjusting and updating to better the user experience. Instagram quietly introduced a few additional in-app notification settings in 2022, including the ability to identify when the app was suffering outages or technical difficulties.

For the time being, the best way to see your notifications is from your home screen, where you can access them by tapping the heart icon. This will show you all of your account’s interactions, such as who has liked or commented on your posts, who has followed you, and account recommendations based on your previous activity.
There was also a section for Branded Content in your notifications. This is where you’ll receive notifications about branded content as well as when you’ve been tagged.

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