How to open File Explorer on Windows 11?

Open File Explorer on Windows 11 in 2022

If you don’t know how to open file explorer in Windows 11, we’ll show you how with a few different methods.

File Explorer is very useful for Windows 11 users because it allows you to organize your files and folders. If you don’t know how to use this useful tool, keep reading.

How to open file explorer on Windows 11?

Open file explorer with a hotkey

Assume you press the Windows+E hotkey while on your computer; File Explorer will appear immediately. It is most likely the most simple method. You only need to press two keys on your keyboard! This method is also compatible with previous versions of Windows.

Open file explorer from the Start menu

Another option is to use a different method. Right-click on the Start button. From the menu that appears, select “File Explorer.” It’s that easy!
You can also go to the Start menu and search for “file explorer.” Then, choose the first option.

Open file explorer using Command Prompt

You can also use Command Prompt to access the file explorer; type explorer.exe and press Enter.
To open the file explorer, press the Windows+R hotkey and type “explorer.exe.”

Add a file explorer shortcut

Launch the Windows Settings app. If you don’t know, use the Windows+i hotkey or right-click on the Start icon and select “Settings” from the display menu.
After that, go to Personalization > Start > Folders. Then, simply toggle the switch next to the “File Explorer” option, and you’re done!

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