How to map a network drive on Windows 11?

Map a network drive on Windows 11 | 2022

If you use Windows 11 on a regular basis and have a networked drive (or “share”), you can map it to a drive letter in File Explorer to make it appear more like a local drive and make it easier to access in the future. This is how it’s done.

First, launch File Explorer. If you don’t have a File Explorer shortcut on your taskbar, right-click the Start button and select “File Explorer.”

In a File Explorer window, click the ellipsis button (three dots) in the toolbar, then choose “Map Network Drive” from the options that appear.

To identify the network drive, select a drive letter in the “Map Network Drive” window. It’s entirely up to you, but one of the letters on the list must be used.

Fill in the name of the network device and share it in the “Folder” box. Then, if you’re not sure what it is, click “Browse” to see if there are any nearby networked devices.

If you want Windows to reconnect to this drive every time you log in, check the “Reconnect upon sign-in” box. Select “Connect Using Different Credentials” if you need to connect using credentials (username and password) other than those associated with your current Windows account.

When you’re finished, click “Finish.”

When Windows 11 is done, it will try to connect to the network drive. If your regular credentials fail or you checked “Connect Using Different Credentials” in the previous step, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password required to access the purpose.

Check the box next to “Remember My Credentials” if you want Windows to remember your drive’s user name and password so you don’t have to type them in again. When you’re finished, click “OK.”

Windows 11 will connect to the drive and assign it the letter you specified. For example, if you open File Explorer and navigate to “This PC,” the mapped drive will be listed under “Network Locations.”

The mapped drive will also appear in the File Explorer sidebar under “Network.”

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