How to open the touch keyboard on Windows 11?

open the touch keyboard on Windows 11 | 2022

To learn how to open the touch keyboard in Windows 11, simply follow these simple steps.

We’ll show you how to open the touch keyboard in Windows 11 today. If you have a PC with a touch screen, Windows 11‘s virtual keyboard is a must-have feature. Using the touch keyboard on the new version of the operating system is a breeze.

How do I use Windows 11‘s touch keyboard?

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To access the touch keyboard icon, navigate to Windows Settings. Right-click on the taskbar and choose “Taskbar Settings” from the menu that appears.

Then navigate to the Personalization section of the Taskbar. Select “Taskbar Corner Icons,” then in the following menu, turn on the switch next to “Touch Keyboard.”

A keyboard icon will now appear in the taskbar. If you click on that icon, a virtual keyboard will appear above the toolbar.

This virtual keyboard can be used to type in any application that supports it. In Windows 11, we can also move the keyboard around. Tap and hold your finger on the upper-right corner of the keyboard. As you move your finger across the screen, the virtual keyboard follows you. It can be placed anywhere on the internet.

Click the “X” button to close the touch keyboard. Then, quickly return to Taskbar Settings and toggle the switch to the off position to remove the icon from the taskbar.

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