How to sell Instagram posts as NFT?

To sell Instagram posts as NFT 2022

The goal of coconut is to distinguish itself from competitors by focusing on those who do not understand cryptography and do not own cryptocurrencies or other similar assets.

The introduction of NFTs into the art world has been met with enthusiasm, particularly in digital art. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that represent real-world land ownership. They serve as evidence of virtual asset ownership and authenticity.

Instagram posts can be converted to this format. Because of the social network’s large audience and the commercial and distribution tools, Instagram is a platform where visual and audiovisual creators have a prominent position.

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coconut, a service that transforms Instagram posts into NFTs

For a long time, NFTs have been used in marketing. However, access to this technology necessitates a level of technology that is out of reach for anyone without special training in blockchain or related topics.

You must first create or link a cryptocurrency wallet to use coconut if you do not already have one. You’ll need to link your Instagram account to the site and select which previous content will be sold as NFT. When you’re finished, I’ll send you a link to share with potential buyers, preferably from the Instagram account’s bio.

The author determines the price of each publication, and to ensure its authenticity, the NFT’s creator must sign a digital contract at the time of creation. CoconFt’s transactions are carried out using the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Another advantage of this platform is that, while it is not entirely free, there are no upfront costs to begin generating NFTs. Coconut charges a commission on completed purchases and any payment processing fees. Furthermore, the initial investment restrictions on other platforms are removed, discouraging new artistic endeavours that aren’t well-funded.

Even when digitalization has progressed far beyond art and its commercial possibilities, given the available tools, it is possible to begin exploring new paths without putting much at risk.

You can learn more about how this tool works on the official website.

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