How To Send High-Quality Images On WhatsApp 2022

To Send High-Quality Images On WhatsApp in 2022

Have you ever wished you could send a beautiful photo to a friend, but it came out blurry and strange on WhatsApp? Unfortunately, I’ve been in this situation many times, and it’s extremely unpleasant. Here’s how to send high-quality images via Whatsapp and what I did to resolve the dispute.

WhatsApp is a wonderful way to communicate with friends and family. Some businesses even use the app for internal communication. The platform’s severe file size limit for shared images, on the other hand, is one of its major flaws.

If you try to send high-resolution images via WhatsApp, you will most likely encounter issues or notice excessive image compression. So, what should you do if you want to keep the original quality of your photos? We’ll show you how to use a little-known method hidden in WhatsApp for sending crisp, high-quality images.

File-Sharing Limits on WhatsApp

Depending on the media, WhatsApp has different file sharing limits. Photos, videos, and voice messages, for example, can be up to 16 MB in size. That might be enough, but there’s a catch: WhatsApp uses compression even if your image is less than 16 MB in size.

The photo quality suffers as a result of the compression. On the other hand, WhatsApp has a document sharing limit of 100 MB, and data transferred in the form of documents is not compressed.

How To Send High-Quality Photos On Whatsapp Android

If you’ve ever wanted to send beautiful, high-quality images through Whatsapp, here’s a quick tutorial to show you how.

By sharing your image as a document, you can transfer high-quality photos using WhatsApp. The key to faster WhatsApp image transfers is document sharing.

How to do it:

  • Navigate to any WhatsApp conversation.
  • On Android, select Document by pressing the attachment icon next to the camera icon. On an iPhone, tap the
  • Plus, an icon to the left of the text field and select Document.
  • Look through your files for the photo you’re looking for.
  • To send the image, tap Send.
    Your photo will exceed WhatsApp’s 16 MB limit and will not be compressed before being sent. As a result, as long as the file size does not exceed 100 MB, receivers should receive the image in its original quality.

How can I send WhatsApp images without losing quality?

Because of WhatsApp’s 16 MB limit and compression technique, sending high-quality images is difficult. However, you can trick the app into thinking you’re sharing a legitimate file by sharing your photo as a document.

This method is advantageous, and you should employ it whenever you need to send high-resolution photos to your WhatsApp contacts.

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