How to use Instagram supervision feature?

To use Instagram supervision feature 2022

What exactly does Instagram’s supervision function entail? First, we all know that Instagram isn’t good for anyone, but it’s especially bad for teenagers. Although some argue that more extensive research does not support such firm conclusions, Facebook data shows that Instagram harms the mental health of adolescent users.

If you are a parent or caregiver for a child, you may be interested in learning more about their Instagram activity. Meta’s Supervision, a set of parental controls, has limited monitoring capabilities and is currently only available in the United States.

This new feature enables parents and guardians to set app usage time limits and receive notifications about who their children are following on social media (and who is following them). However, the teen’s account must be used. In the future, caregivers will be able to define Supervision settings and limit Instagram access times.

How to set up Instagram supervision?

Teens between the ages of 13 and 17 must first invite their parent or guardian to join Instagram, and the parent or guardian must accept the request.

Go to your child’s Instagram profile and press the three vertical lines in the top right corner to use this feature. From the drop-down menu, choose Settings > Supervision > Next. Please specify whether or not you want the parent or guardian to accept the invitation and how they should do so.

Open Instagram and log in to your account when you receive an invitation. Then, if you received the invite via a messaging app, go to the Instagram Family Center by clicking the link. After that, select “Next” > “Yes, accept the invitation.”

How to adjust Supervision features on Instagram?

To increase or decrease your child’s Instagram time limit, go to Settings > Supervision > Accounts you supervise and select your child’s account. Set a limit, enter a number for the limitation, and click Save. You can also view their Instagram activity from the previous seven days by clicking here.

You can also see a list of your child’s followers and followers. Tap Followers & Following > See more after selecting your child’s account.

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