How to Connect a PS5 Controller to iPhone

To Connect a PS5 Controller to iPhone | 2022

What to Know

Take a look at the settings on your iPhone. Then, choose Bluetooth. Make sure you hold the Share and PlayStation buttons on your controller to stay in the same place.
When your device shows up under Other Devices, tap it to connect it.
Bluetooth on the iPhone must be turned on before this can be done.

This article tells you how to connect a PS5 controller, or DualSense, to an iPhone with the help of an app. Any other Bluetooth device can be added to an iPhone this way. It works on any iOS 14.5-compatible device that isn’t an iPhone.


iOS 14.5 or later must be on your iPhone or iPad for it to work. If you need to make sure your device can run the correct version of iOS, check out Apple’s iOS 14 compatibility list to make sure.

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How to Pair a PS5 Controller to iPhone

Just charge up your iPhone, and then plug in your PS5 controller. You’ll also need some time to connect them.

It’s good to turn off your PS5 if it’s close by, but it’s not required. Try turning it off if you have trouble pairing.

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your iPhone. Then open Settings and go to the Bluetooth section.
  2. To connect your controller to your computer, hold down the Share and PlayStation buttons on your controller for at least three seconds or until the light bar on your controller turns blue.
  3. When you get back to your phone, your controller will be at the bottom of the Bluetooth page. When it does, tap it to connect your iPhone to it.
  4. Wait a few seconds, and your controller will be able to connect to your iPhone for the first time. It works just like any other Bluetooth gamepad on iOS, and it’s the same.

Tips on Connecting PS5 Controllers to iPhone

Check to see if your iPhone and PS5 controller are charged before you try to connect them to anything. Sometimes, having a low battery can make it hard to connect devices or have problems with the connection itself.

You can use the same steps above to connect your PS5 controller to any iOS device with iOS 14.5 or later, so you can use it with your iPhone, iPad, and many other devices.

The PS5 console can help you if you can’t figure out how to get your controller to work with your iPhone. Turn on the console and connect your controller via USB to the console. You can remove the controller from the PS5 and try to pair it again with your iPhone. It will then connect to the PlayStation again.

The PS5 controller that you used on your iPhone should be connected to your PS5, either with wires or wirelessly, as soon as you finish using it on your iPhone. It won’t connect automatically and will instead stay connected to your phone.


Can you connect the PS5 controller to PS4?

You can connect a PS4 controller to a PS5, but there are some rules. There are some games that you can’t play with a PS4 controller. However, a PS4 console won’t be able to recognise a PS5 gamepad.

How do you connect a PS5 controller to a PC?

PS5 controllers can be used with PCs and Macs through Bluetooth and USB. When you plug the controller into the computer, it should be able to figure it out independently. The PS and Share buttons on the controller should be held down until the lights flash to put the controller into pairing mode.

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