How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone or iPad

To Use Reading Mode on an iPhone or iPad in 2022

What to Know

Enter Reading Mode on a web page by typing aA in the address bar.

  • Then click Show Reader to show the reader mode.
  • To get out of Reading Mode, tap aA in the address bar and choose Hide Reader.
  • Then, go to Reading Mode, tap aA, and choose the colour, font, and font size.

In Reading Mode, the iPhone and iPad don’t show ads and make web pages look different so that you can read the most important parts of a page. Here’s how to turn on and off Reading Mode.


In the Safari web browser, you can only use Reading Mode to read.

How Do I Turn on Reading Mode on My iPhone or iPad?

Reader mode (or “reading mode”) is the same on both iPhones and iPads. Just follow these steps to get an easy web page to read.

  • Make sure you load the web page in Reading Mode.
  • Depending on how long the page has been open, the address bar may say “Reader Available.” If so, hit it.


Some websites don’t allow you to read in Reading Mode. So, this prompt may not show up. This is why. Even if you do the next thing, the site might not let you use Reader.

  • AA in the menu bar will show up if you don’t tap the Available Reader text before it gets pushed out of sight.
  • Tap the Show Reader.
  • The page changes to a high-contrast version to make it easier for people to read. When you’re done reading, you’re in “Reading Mode.”


You can change how Reader looks to make it more like what you want. During reading mode, press aA in the address bar. Background colour, font, and text size can all be changed on a page. You can also change the text size. These settings stay in place until you change them.

How Do I Get My iPhone or iPad Out of Reading Mode?

Getting out of reading mode on your iPhone or iPad is easy. Just click aA in the address bar, then click Hide Reader. To return to the normal view of the web page, click this button to do so.

Is There a Reading Mode on iPhone or iPad?

For many years, a reading-focused view has been available in Safari on the iPhone. It’s been added to the iPad and Mac over time. Reading Mode has the following advantages:

  • It doesn’t show ads.
  • Creates a high-contrast reading experience that helps you focus and understand what you’re reading.
  • Visual or cognitive impairments make it more difficult for people to use.
  • A tool that lets you change the background colour, font, and font size so that you can read more comfortably.
  • In Reading Mode, you can set Reader as the default for a certain website by setting Use Reader.
  • Automatically to true.


How do I clear Reading List items in Safari?

On a Mac, you can press Control + Command + 2 in Safari to open the Reading List sidebar in Safari. Right-click the one you want to get rid of, then choose Remove-Item. Same as before, you can select Clear All Items to delete the whole Reading List. On an iPhone or iPad, tap the History icon in Safari (it looks like a book). Then, choose the icon with glasses to open the Reading List. Make sure you swipe left on a link to remove it or select Edit to pick more than one.

How do I make Safari go into Dark Mode?

In Safari, dark mode is the same as your system’s dark mode settings, so if you turn it on for macOS or iOS, it will be on for the browser. Sites that work with Reader Mode will show articles with dark backgrounds when this setting is turned on, so they look better.

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