How to Change Your Voice on TikTok

How can I Change my Voice on TikTok

What to Know

You can create TikTok videos that include your voice.
Tap the Voice Effects icon on the top right when you finish recording.
Select an effect to hear and use it, and then continue to edit or post your video.
This article explains how to change your voice on TikTok using the Voice Effects feature. Voice Effects are available for TikTok on Android and iOS devices.

Record Your Video and Add a Voice Effect

To use Voice Effects, your video must include your voice. For instance, you cannot use Voice Effects in videos you create with the built-in templates that contain music.

  1. Open TikTok and tap the + (plus sign) at the bottom to start recording your video.
  2. Tap the Record button, capture your video as you normally would, and tap it once more to pause or stop recording. Then, tap the checkmark when you’re finished recording.
  3. In the collection of options on the top right, tap Voice Effects.
  4. When the window pops up from the bottom, tap to hear each effect. Leave it selected and wipe it away from the window if you want to use one. If you decide not to use a product, tap None on the far left.
  5. You can then apply any other effects to your video, like text or stickers—Tap Next when you finish.
  6. Continue to select your Post options, save the video, or tap Post like any other video you create.

Available Voice Effects for TikTok

TikTok offers several Voice Effects for a variety of voice-changing options. Since you can hear each one before you decide to use it, you can experiment with something fun.

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Here are the Voice Effects that you can currently use on TikTok:

Chipmunk: High-pitched like one of Alvin’s Chipmunks.
Baritone: Deep and manly.
Mic: How you’d sound talking into a physical microphone.
Megaphone: As if you’re speaking through a megaphone.
Robot: Just like you’d think, you sound like a robot.
Low Battery: Slow and drawn out as if your battery is draining.
Vibrato: Vibrating sound like your voice is shaking.
Electronic: Scattered electronic sounds added to your words.
Echo: Each term or sentence has an echo.
Synth: As if a synthesizer is applied to your voice, think 80s music.
Helium: Higher pitched than Chipmunk, like you sucked helium from a balloon.
Giant: Deeper than Baritone, like a big, jolly giant.

Add Voice Effects to a Draft

If you make a TikTok video and save it as a Draft, you can later change it to add a Voice Effect.

  1. Tap the Me button at the bottom. Then, choose Drafts.
  2. Choose a draught from your list.
  3. When the Post options come up, tap the Back button on the top left to return.
  4. Tap Voice Effects as your video plays.
  5. To choose a Voice Effect, follow the same steps as above. You can also save or post the video.


There is a way to get rid of a Voice Effect that you used before. You can choose “None” from the list of effects.

Make Your TikTok Videos Stand Out With Voice Effects

If you want to make your TikTok video more fun, dramatic, or stand out, try one of the cool Voice Effects. Keep in mind that you can also add other sounds to your TikTok videos. You can do this too!

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