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Bachchhan Paandey Movie Review: Bachchhan Paandey is must watch for Akshay Kumar fans and masala cinema lovers.

Bachchhan Paandey Review {3.5/5} & Review Rating

The storey of a ruthless gangster is told in BACHCHHAN PAANDEY. Myra Devekar (Kriti Sanon) is an aspiring filmmaker who approaches producer Rakesh Verma (Ashwin Mushran) about directing her first film. Rakesh suggests she make a gangster biopic. Myra begins her investigation, which leads her to Bachchhan Paandey (Akshay Kumar), a feared gangster in the town of Baghwa. Myra arrives in Baghwa and, with the assistance of a friend, Vishu (Arshad Warsi), begins researching Bachchhan Paandey.

Bachchhan appears to be too frightening, so she approaches his gang members, Kandi (Saharsh Kumar Shukla), Bufferia Chacha (Sanjay Mishra), Pendulum (Abhimanyu Singh), and Virgin (Prateik Babbar). Virgin is the only one who speaks up, and while doing so, he reveals that Bachchan Paandey was once in love with a girl named Sophie (Jacqueline Fernandez). He claims that he killed her after they got into a fight. Meanwhile, Bachchhan Paandey discovers that Myra is interested in her. He immediately assumes she’s a member of the media or a police informant. The rest of the movie revolves around what happens next.

The storey of Sajid Nadiadwala is decent and has the potential to be a fun entertainer. The adapted screenplay by Sajid Nadiadwala (additional screenplay by Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra, Tushar Hiranandani, and Zeishan Quadri) is a major culprit. A movie like this should have been a laugh-a-minute riot. However, the amusing moments are few and far between. And the majority of what has been passed off as comedy has failed to elicit laughter. Farhad Samji’s dialogues (additional dialogues by Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra, Tushar Hiranandani, and Zeishan Quadri) are mediocre and contribute to the film’s lack of entertainment.

Farhad Samji’s direction is inadequate. He handles the grandeur and scale well, and his brilliance shines through in the action and dramatic moments. However, because the script is weak, the direction suffers as well. There is little humour and far too much violence, when it should be the other way around. The storey of a feared gangster whose life is about to be filmed brings back memories of WELCOME TO THE NIGHT (2007). That was a well-liked film with a great script, and BACHCHAN PAANDEY should have been in the same league. On the plus side, Farhad Samji does an excellent job with Sophie’s flashbacks. The climactic twist in the storey is also well handled.

BACHCHHAN PAANDEY has a strong start. The protagonist’s entrance is worthy of a whistle. The film then abruptly ends, but resumes in the scene where Kandi inadvertently leaves the porn DVD in his bag, resulting in insanity. The scene of Virgin’s murder and Myra’s eavesdropping captures the audience’s attention. Sophie’s flashback after the interval is adorable. The climax is both unexpected and touching.

When it comes to performances, Akshay Kumar delivers an outstanding performance. He possesses the star power required for the role. Kriti Sanon looks stunning and gives an impressive performance. Arshad Warsi, as expected, is excellent and does his best to increase the humour quotient. In a supporting role, Jacqueline Fernandez is lovely. Prateik Babbar is a competent actor. Sanjay Mishra attempts far too hard to be amusing. Abhimanyu Singh leaves his imprint. Saharsh Kumar Shukla steals the show, particularly in the ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’ scene. Ashwin Mushran is reasonable. Mohan Agashe (Lalji Bhagat) is a serviceable character. Gaurav Chopra (Bheema) goes overboard. Aroosa Khan (Pinky) and the actor who plays the cop Suryakant Mishra are both mediocre. In the film, Pankaj Tripathi (Bhaves Bopla) generates a few laughs.

The film’s music is underwhelming. ‘Maar Khayegaa’ is a dull film. ‘Saare Bolo Bewafa’ is merely adequate. ‘Heer Raanjhana’ is beautifully shot. The song ‘Meri Jaan Meri Jaan’ does not register. The background music by Julius Packiam is memorable.

Gavemic U Ary’s cinematography is stunning. Rajasthan’s locations are beautifully captured. The action in ANL Arasu is bloody. The film has a commercial feel thanks to Rajat Poddar’s production design. VFX in New York Waala’s visual effects are impressive. The costumes worn by Aki Narula, Sukriti Grover, Puneet Jain, Chandini Whabi, and Sambo are stunning. Charu Roy’s editing is excellent.

Overall, BACHCHHAN PAANDEY is a must-see for fans of Akshay Kumar and masala films. The blockbuster success of THE KASHMIR FILES will have an impact on its box office business.


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