How to Get a Free Yandex Mail Account

To Get a Free Yandex. Mail Account in 2022

What to Know

  • To sign up for a Yandex. Mail account, go to and choose to Create an Account. Fill out the registration form, and you’re done.
  • It doesn’t matter if you use a web browser or an email client to access your Yandex.Mail account. You can use IMAP or POP to access your account.
    It talks about how to sign up for Yandex.Mail-in this article. You don’t have to pay to get a new email address with Yandex. Mail, and it’s easy and free to set up. These instructions are for people who are on a computer and use any kind of computer browser on their computer.

How to Create a Yandex.Mail Account

In order to set up a new Yandex, you must first sign up. Account and email:

  1. Choose “Create an Account” on Yandex. Mail to start making an account. People can sign up on the registration page when it opens.
  2. First name: In the First name text box, write your first name.
  3. Fill in your last name in the text box.
  4. In the Enter a login text box, type in the user name you want to use and click the Save button. This is the first part of the email address, which is after this.
  5. You can type the password you want to use for your Yandex. Mail account in the Enter a password text box on the right. In the Confirm password text box, type the password again to make sure that it is correct.
  6. This is where you put in a cell phone number where you can get text messages called “SMS.”
  7. Select Confirm number.

  8. Enter the code you get in an SMS and click Register to set up your new account.
  9. Take a look at the privacy policy. If you agree with the terms, click “OK.”
  10. During this time, Yandex will let you into your new email account.
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Entering your cell phone number isn’t required. Select “I don’t have a mobile phone number” if you don’t want to put in your number. Then, choose a question and enter the answer to the security question that you chose. You’ll use this question and answer to get back into your account if you lose your password.

How to Access Yandex.Mail

As a Yandex. Mail customer, you will get a new email address, a lot of storage space, a rich web interface, and IMAP and POP access to your emails. To get into your Yandex.Mail account:

  • In order to do this, use a web browser
  • Yandex. Mail can now be set up in iOS’s Mail app.
  • Use the POP3 settings for Yandex. Mail to access your account in email clients like Outlook so you can send and receive emails.
  • IMAP is a way to get to Yandex in an email client.


Then, in this box, there is also a check box that lets you stop getting ads and other offers from their services.

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