How to Hard Reset an Xbox Wireless Controller

How to Hard Reset an Xbox Wireless Controller

In this case, you’re using an Xbox Wireless Controller with your PC or Xbox. If you have problems with your Xbox controller, this article will show you how to do a “Hard Reset.” This will help you solve a lot of issues quickly and easily. Problems that may arise if the Firmware updates aren’t done right.
During the last three years, Microsoft has worked very hard to connect and, in many cases, unify the Xbox and Windows PC gaming experiences. The integration of Xbox Wireless controllers with Windows has been one of the most important things to happen. Everybody who owns an Xbox One controller or an Xbox Series X controller can use their Xbox controller to play games on Windows, as long as they have both.
For people who use Bluetooth or a wireless dongle, this is a simple “click and connect” process. People sometimes have trouble connecting wireless controllers to other devices because of problems with the internet or nearby devices. As Android phones and tablets, mobile devices are part of the package. When this happens, you have two ways to solve the problem. Make sure your Xbox controller’s firmware is up to date before starting. A Hard Reset is the second option. We’ll show you how to do one below.

How to Hard Reset a Wireless Xbox Controller


To hard reset your Xbox Wireless Controller, you’ll need to do the following. Based on the type of device you are using, this process may be different from the one shown in this video. Ensure you go to the area that corresponds to your Xbox Controller connection status.

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The first thing to do is turn on your Xbox and your controller.
Then, with a USB cord, connect your joystick to your Xbox so that you can play.
As a result, the wireless connection between your devices will automatically be linked together. A cable can be taken out, but the console and controller will stay connected even if it isn’t. Keep them connected, but move on to the next step.
Hold down the power button on your console for at least eight seconds until it turns off while both of your devices are connected by a cable, then let go of the controller.
Afterward, remove the power cord from the back of your console. Connect the power cable and turn on your console after 1 minute. This is when you should make sure your controller is connected to the cord while you are.
As the last step, turn on your console with the controller, and everything should work out fine.

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