How to Hide Whatsapp Chats Without Archive/Delete

To Hide Whatsapp Chats Without Archive/Delete in 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most reliable instant messaging apps available today. 

If you want to talk to your school friends in a group chat, text your mom, face-time a friend from the past, or speak to your office team about a new project, WhatsApp is the best way. You send your messages quickly and quickly, so it takes so long.

When you use the platform, it makes sure you are safe with its end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp isn’t just a texting service. It’s a lot more than that. Has an easy-to-use interface and a lot of cool strikers. It also has other things like statuses, voice, and video calls that you can use.

We use WhatsApp for work and play, and we don’t want anyone else to see our chats.

Please take a few steps to ensure no one can get their hands on your WhatsApp chats. With WhatsApp’s built-in Archive feature, you can hide group and individual chats from your main chat folder. You can do this with the Archive feature.

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It makes your WhatsApp chat list look less full, and you can only read important messages. Archiving a chat doesn’t mean that it’s gone from your SD card or stored there.

You can hide what you say on WhatsApp without deleting it or archiving it.

When you learn that there are other ways to hide a chat on WhatsApp, you will be very happy. However, right now, the official WhatsApp app doesn’t allow you to do that.

However, even though new features are being added to the app to make it easier to use, you can no longer hide chats from view. Third-party apps that give you more ways to hide your chats could help. If you want to learn more about these third-party apps, click here. One by one, take them.

Using GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been changed in the GB WhatsApp app. It comes with a lot of extra features that you can use. Make it your own and set rules for privacy that aren’t in the original WhatsApp app. If you use GB WhatsApp, you can hide both one-on-one and group chats from other people. You can hide your private messages on Android phones with GB WhatsApp, which lets you do this. This is what we’ll do now.

  • Get the GbWhatsapp app and install it on your phone in Step 1. is where you can download the app, so go there to get it.
  • Second, you’ll need to set up a WhatsApp account with your name, phone number, and other personal information.
  • This is the third step. Make sure you have set up your account. Then, hold down the chat you want to hide.
  • Tap on the More options (Three dots) icon in the top right corner of your mobile screen. This icon can be seen, and it’s on the right of your screen.
  • Your smartphone’s screen will now show you a list of things you can do with your phone. Mark as a reading option is below the option to hide it. You can choose to hide it. If you want to keep your phone safe, click on this option and then set up a lock pattern. Remember the design and keep it in mind when you need to see messages from that chat and don’t want to hide them.
  • It’s time for Step 5. After this, the chat will be hidden. Choose WhatsApp text in the top left corner of your screen to see your confidential discussion.
  • This is the last step. You have to enter the lock code as soon as you click on WhatsApp text. Afterward, you can see your secret chats.
  • You need to do a few things before you download GB WhatsApp. Jailbreaking your iOS device is the first thing you need to do before you can use GB WhatsApp on your device, so do this first. As a result, WhatsApp might take your account away if you get their attention.

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