Netflix Adds Three New Games to Its Game Library

Netflix Adds Three New Games to Its Game Library in 2022

Netflix will add more interesting and exciting games to its library in March. Games are a new type of entertainment that NETFLIX has added to its app for its customers. It didn’t start delivering games to its mobile customers until November 2021. Since then, 14 games have been made.

People can watch Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Dungeon Dwarves, and Krispie Street.

Three New Games Added

Netflix has just said that they will be adding more fun and enjoyable games to their game library. Add three new games to the library this month.

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This is a True Story

This is a True Story is a beautiful game that shows a woman’s daily struggles to get water in the desert. This is meant to make people aware and show them how families in Sub-Saharan Africa live.

Shatter Remastered

Netflix has a retro-themed brick-shooting game called Shatter. It’s based on a PS3 game from 2009 called Shatter.

Into the Dead 2: Unleashed

If you’re a survivor after a zombie outbreak, you play as that person in the first-person zombie shooter “Into the Dead 2: Unleashed.” In this book, we follow up on the popular Into the Dead series, which was a big hit with both zombie and horror fans. This is the second book in the series. It’s a shame, but there isn’t yet a set date. You can expect to hear about it soon.

Why Should You Play Netflix Games?

There aren’t many shows on Netflix that you don’t like to watch, but this one is for you. You might want to play some fun games to relax. Do you need something to do while you wait in line? It’s time for you to play some Netflix games, man! All of these games can also be played on Android and iOS all over the world.

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