TikTok is experimenting with “Watch History” in order to retrieve videos

TikTok is experimenting with “Watch History” in order to retrieve videos in 2022

To keep their platforms interesting, social media platforms are always adding new features and updating the ones they already have. Tests of a new feature called “Watch History” have been seen recently. It lets users get back movies they saw but didn’t save.

It makes scrolling through the list of videos you’ve watched on the app a lot easier. Users are having a hard time finding videos that they have already seen. They can choose to narrow down the search terms or download all of the TikTok data to get just one video, but they can also do both. The Watch History button was made because people wanted a quick, easy, and time-saving way to search for things.

TikTok is experimenting with “Watch History.”


Because the feature is still in its early stages, only a few people can use it. It will be available to the public when all of the bugs have been fixed so that people can use it.

First, we need to go to the Settings screen. Then we can try out the new feature. Content and Activity are the next things we need to talk about, so we need to go there now. Here, you can choose which language you want to use, what you can watch, and what you can rewatch live. This new option has been put in for the time being as a test. No one knows a lot about how the Watch History page will look, so Only people who want the feature in their apps will wait for the right time to get it.

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