TikTok teams up with Giphy on new video creation tool

TikTok teams up with Giphy on new video creation tool in 2022

In TikTok, there is a new tool called a library. It lets people add GIFs, memes, and clips from popular TV shows and movies to their videos.

People who make GIFs, which are small images that keep repeating, will be able to use a new tool that lets them see content from Giphy at first. GIFs from media partners like HBO, ABC, Hulu, Xbox, and the Roku Channel are included in Giphy’s library of “Clips,” which have sound.

On the other hand, the company didn’t say who its possible partners might be for those projects.
It said in a press release: “Today we’re announcing the next step in TikTok’s creative toolset, as we begin to roll out Library, a new in-app creation tool powered by GIPHY that gives you access to a wide range of content and increases your creative options.”

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In a statement, Lydia Getachew, the head of business development for Giphy, said that one of the things the two apps have in common is that they let people be themselves through micro-entertainment.

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