How To Add Google Weather To The Home Screen On Android?

How To Add Google Weather To The Home Screen On Android in 2022

Google Weather can be added to your Android home screen by following these simple steps.

Then, if you don’t know-how, we’ll show you. Apps that predict the weather are among the most important things we can use in our daily lives. Other apps are out there but don’t forget about Google Weather, which comes pre-installed on all Android phones, even though many people don’t know. It’s a web app that you can pin to your desktop. You won’t find it in your app drawer.

How to add Google Weather to the home screen on Android?

Google Play no longer has Google News and Weather. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t quickly check the Google forecast on our phones right away.

To get the Google Weather app on your phone, you need to buy it. You can add it to any Android smartphone’s home screen, but you can’t get the app. Take these steps:

  • You can open Discover and tap the “G” in the widget to see the weather on your phone. You can also go to a browser and type “weather” into the search box.
  • Weather information for where you are now will be shown right away. To get to the Google weather section, click on it.
  • Take the three menu dots and choose “Add to the home screen.”
  • Google Weather is a section of the app found on your desktop. When you click on the shortcut to the app, it will take you there.

Because it’s a web app, it gives the same information as Google’s search engine, but the shortcut works like a weather app on your phone.

It has a gorgeous design that goes well with how people think, information, and no ads or in-app purchases. Because of this simple trick, you now know how to put Google Weather on the home screen on Android.

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