How To Sell Instagram Posts As NFT?

To Sell Instagram Posts As NFT in 2022

To be different from its competitors, CocoNFT wants to target people who don’t understand cryptography and don’t own cryptocurrency or other assets like that so that they can stand out.

NFTs have been a big hit in the art world, especially digital art. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that show how land is owned in the real world. They show that they own virtual assets and that they are real.

Instagram posts can be changed into this format. Instagram is a place where visual and audiovisual artists have a big say because of the wide reach of the social network and the commercial and distribution tools it has.

CocoNFT a service that transforms Instagram posts into NFTs


NFTs have been used in marketing for a long time now, and they are still used today. People who don’t have special training in blockchain or other things can’t use this technology because it requires a level of technology that is out of their reach.

First, you need to set up or link a cryptocurrency wallet. If you already have one, you don’t need to do anything. Next, you need to connect your Instagram account to the site and choose which of your old content will be sold as NFT (not for trade). To help you share the link with people who might want to buy, I’ll give you a link that I think would be best if you put it in the Instagram account’s bio.

Each book’s price is set by its author, and to make sure it’s real, the NFT’s creator must sign a digital contract when they make it. The Ethereum cryptocurrency is used to make transactions for coconut, which is run by the company.

Another good thing about this platform is that even though it isn’t free, there are no costs to start making NFTs. CocoNFT only charges a commission on sales that have been completed and any fees that are paid for by the buyer. In addition, other platforms don’t have rules about how much money you need to start making art. This discourages new projects that aren’t well-funded.

It is still possible to try new things even though digitalization has moved far beyond art and its commercial possibilities. Because of the available tools, this is not very risky.

It’s possible to learn more about how this tool works on the official website.

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