How To Open A CSV File In Excel?

How To Open A CSV File In Excel in 2022

How to open a CSF file in Excel will be the subject of this week’s blog post.

How to open a CSV file in Excel if you don’t know how to: When we get a CSV file and try to open it in Microsoft Excel, we sometimes have trouble. In some cases, even if we can get to the file, the format might not be the same.

How to open a CSV file in Excel?

We can solve problems with Excel because it has the tools we need to do so. This article will show you how to open a CSV file in Excel the right way. Follow the steps below.

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Take these steps:

  • The first thing to do is open Excel and make a new document, then
  • Click ” Get external data ” next when you’re done with the Data tab. Click “Get external data” next.
  • In the next step, choose “Data from a text file.”
  • An explorer window will pop up, letting us find and select the CSV file we want to open. Click “open” when you’re done.

Open a CSV file properly in Excel.

A wizard will appear soon, and it will show us how to import or change the data to our Excel spreadsheet.

  • Choose “Delimited” because our CSV file is likely to be split up. “” Do not forget to choose “My data has headers” if the file has headers or titles for each field. Then, click the next button.
  • When you look at the preview, you can choose which data type to use for each column. Suppose we leave it on “General.” For example, if we do that, it will be taken as a number value and given that number.
  • It’s time to finish. Accept the advanced configuration window and click Finish to do so.

That’s when you’ll get to the last window. It will ask if you want the data to be added to the current document or a new one. Again, there should be no problems if you started a new record before this. So, click OK.

In this lesson, you learned how to open a CSV file in Excel, which, as you can see, isn’t very hard to do. Try it now!

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