How To React To Instagram Direct Messages (DM) With Emojis?

To React To Instagram Direct Messages (DM) With Emojis in 2022

We’ll show you how to use emojis to respond to Instagram direct messages (DMs) if you don’t know how to do it yet. Since a long time ago, Instagram has let people reply with emojis when they read comments on their posts. However, even though many people know how to use this feature, many others can’t find it.

How to react to Instagram direct messages (DM) with emojis?

Instagram must be up to date on your phone. You must download the most recent version. If the app has already been updated, you must do all of the steps below:

  • Before you can use Instagram, you need to open the Instagram app first.
  • Then, go to the top right of the screen and click on “chats.”
  • There, start a conversation with a friend or family member.
  • Then, press and hold the message you want to reply to, and you’ll be able to send it.
  • A bar with different emojis will show up; choose the one you want.
  • The emoji would show up below the Instagram message if you did everything right.

Take these steps to learn how to find different emojis:

  • Then, press and hold the message you want to send back.
  • Then, click the small “+” button on the right side of the box to add more items.
  • Instagram will show you all of the emojis that can be used to respond to your chosen message.
  • Even though Instagram doesn’t have this option, you can usually get it back by uninstalling and then installing the app again.

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