How to Fix iCloud Storage is Full Issue on iPhone

How to Increase iCloud Storage on iPhone in 2022

If you sign up for Apple iCloud, you get almost 5 GB of iCloud data from Apple. Storage is being used to keep copies of the backup files, photo galleries, application information, and more, as well as many other things. However, it will fill up very quickly when you use an iPhone. Finally, you will get a message that your iCloud storage has been used up.

Here are the five best things you can do if you have a problem with your iPhone’s iCloud storage and need to fix it.

How to Fix iCloud Storage is Full Issue on iPhone.

Nothing will be enough for the 5GB of iCloud storage you get, even though you get it. There are ways to deal with this, though. The following steps can help make iCloud Storage a good place for important features to work.

Steps to get iCloud Storage on iPhone

Analyze iCloud Storage

Take a look at the space on iCloud. Take a look at iCloud storage on your iPhone. At the top, click on your name. Then click on iCloud. In this area, you can tap your name. When you click on Manage Storage, you can see how much space you have.

Next to a bar, you can see how much space you have in your iCloud. How much space does your iCloud disc use? In this case, emails, files, text messages, photos, and the backups of WhatsApp might be lost.

Delete App Data and iOS Backups

If you go to your Apple ID, click on iCloud, and then click on Manage Storage, you can see a list of apps and their data. Go down the list to find the programs you don’t like or that don’t back up to the cloud. Then, click on the app’s name and choose “Data delete” to get rid of the data.

There should also be a look at how much space backups are taking up. As soon as you click it, the list of iOS iCloud backups is shown on the screen. This section will show you information about your current iPhone and a backup of older devices that you don’t use anymore.

Click the name of the person you want to remove from the backups of old iPhones on the iCloud. Select Delete Backup >> Turn Off and Delete to get rid of the blockage. Use iTunes to back up your iPhone and its files instead of iCloud.

Turn Off iCloud Photo Library.

People might think that their iCloud account has enough space for photos and videos. Then, your iPhone’s iCloud storage problem will be solved right away because the iCloud image library has been turned on.

Disable iCloud Photo Library

  • Open settings.
  • Click the iCloud shown on the top of your Apple ID.
  • Click on the icon Photos now.
  • Now disable iCloud Images on the next screen.

You could do this to stop the automatic iCloud backups of images and videos from being done for you. To save space, do this. However, keep in mind that other phones won’t be able to see your pics. allows you to import images that are only stored in the cloud, not on your computer. You can’t do this until you turn off the iCloud library.

Google Photos will still back up your iPhone photos and videos. If you don’t want to pay for backups, Google will give them away from June 1, 2021.

No, every iCloud Image Library wants to turn off.
If you don’t want to turn off the iCloud Images library, you should go to Images and remove all the unnecessary things. Please select all of the photos and videos that aren’t good or good enough, and then delete them. If you’re done with it, remove it from the recently deleted album to make space for new things.

App Backups Turn Off

Apple also stores app information about the Photo Library on iCloud. As a bonus, data on apps and games on the phone is also included. When you use both apps together, they’ll eat up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad.

Turn iCloud backup on or off for apps

  • Open settings.
  • Click the iCloud
  • Tap Backups, then click on Manage Storage to see how much space you have.
  • Here, click on the name of the machine.
  • You can do this on the next screen by unchecking that box.

Clean Up the iCloud Drive

Apple saves all your data, files, iPhone files, and more on your iCloud Drive, just like Google Drive. The data will build up and take up a lot of space.

It must be done quickly to clear up any unnecessary confusion from the Drive. Make sure you’re signed in to Apple ID and iCloud. Then go to Storage Manager and click on iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive files will show up here. If you don’t see anything important, swipe left, and press Delete to get rid of the picture.

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