How To Open A RAAST Account?

How Can I Open RAAST Account? | 2 Easy Ways To Open A RAAST Account in 2022

Make a RAAST account with us. It was made with help from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Raast is Pakistan’s way to pay quickly. How do you open a RAAST account quickly? Here’s the answer.

A new payment method called “Raast” has been introduced in Pakistan. It allows people and businesses to make full payment systems in real-time. Trying to cut Pakistan’s Instant Payment System would also process local retail payments right away.

Financial institutions, microfinance banks, government agencies, and fintech all benefit from cheap options that are available to everyone in the financial sector.

Lack of trust in digital payments, limited compatibility, poor accessibility, and high transaction fees have all played a role in Pakistan’s daily online transactions, which are mostly done through the country’s bank accounts.

Large-value and business transactions can be settled quickly under Pakistan’s Real-time data Gross Settlement System, but small-value transactions can’t (RTGS). Raast: Pakistan’s new “Fast Payment Method” would make digital payments a lot faster.

How To Open a RAAST Account?

When you want to open an account with Raast, you first need to connect your bank account or internet banking app to Raast.

Two methods to Open RAAST Account

Open a Raast account is very simple.

  • Through Mobile Banking App (Internet Banking)
  • ┬áVisit the Bank Branch

Raast Account Via Mobile Banking App

It’s possible to connect your RAAST account with your bank account if you’re a bank account holder and have agreed to use the internet or mobile banking. You will be able to use your cell phone number as your RAAST Account ID after you connect.

Your phone number would be your bank account. When you send and receive money or transfers in the future, you will be able to do so by giving your cell phone number instead of your long bank account number.

Raast Account Via Visting the Bank Branch

There is a good chance you have a bank account, but you haven’t signed up for online or mobile banking yet. Then it would help if you went to the right bank in your area. In your bank account.

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