What is an eSIM, and How do Setup a Jazz eSIM card?

How Can I get eSIM? | How do Setup a Jazz eSIM card? | How Can I Convert my Sim Card To eSim?

What is an eSIM card?

eSIM is a very advanced SIM implanted technology that lets you activate your mobile number without having to insert a physical SIM card. Use an eSIM card to start your phone number digitally. You can store different phone numbers on your eSIM.


The best phone company, Jazz, wants to make it easier to use its service for people in Pakistan. ESIM allows Jazz customers to move between different Jazz numbers without dealing with physical SIM cards. ESIM works on your smartphone by setting up the eSIM ID.

Who can use an eSIM?

An individual must also have a smartphone that can use this technology and a Telecommunications Provider that sells it to use an eSIM. Jazz 4G in Pakistan, AT&T in the U.S., and EE in the UK are the top telecom providers for eSIMs. More than 120 telecom service providers around the world support eSIMs. It can also be used with the iPhone 12 range, the Pixel 5, and more smart devices, like the Apple Watch.

How to Setup an eSIM card?

To set up an eSIM, you have to buy a new device or add your plan on your own. When you sign up for an eSIM, you will get a card with the QR code you need to scan on your smartphone to activate it. Then, buy an individual cell phone plan.

For Apple users:

Visit the settings on your smartphone. Go to mobile or cell data and then add cell phone service. It’s time to scan the code, as shown in the picture.

For Android Users:

Android users can set up their ESIMs in the settings menu, and they can do this. On the next screen, go to the Internet & Network, and then click the Add button. Follow the steps and, when asked, choose Use 2 Numbers when you get to that point. If you have selected an eID, you can get an eSIM profile without having to scan anything.

How to register and activate Jazz eSIM?

  • To get your eSIM number, you first need to go to a jazz business center.
  • You get a QR code on a coupon after you register.
  • You will have to scan the QR code and register your phone number before you can use it.

“Add Cellular Plan” can be found in Settings. The camera will open up and start scanning the QR code when you do this. It takes five minutes for your Jazz eSIM to be set up.

Note: You can get your eSIM activated at any jazz business center for free.

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