How to Fix an Acer Laptop That Won’t Turn On

How to Fix an Acer Laptop That Won't Turn On in 2022

This article will explain how to get your Acer laptop to turn on again and what to do if the suggestions above do not work.

The Cause of an Acer Laptop That Won’t Turn On

There are numerous reasons why an Acer laptop may not turn on, but the root cause is usually one of three major issues.

A problem with the boot sequence on the Acer laptop.
There is a problem with the battery or the power supply.
It was a hardware failure.
The first two issues can render an Acer laptop inoperable. In some cases, the Acer laptop will briefly flash to life before failing to boot, whereas in others, the computer will not respond at all when you press the power button. Fortunately, these issues are frequently resolvable if the proper steps are taken.

The worst-case scenario and the only problem you won’t be able to fix at home is a hardware failure, but it’s also the least common cause.

How to Fix an Acer Laptop That Won’t Turn On

Follow these steps to fix an Acer laptop that won’t turn on. The steps are listed in ascending order from easiest to most difficult, so make sure to complete them.

Take away all external storage devices. External hard drives, optical drives, flash drives, and SD cards are all examples.

  • If an Acer laptop detects a boot drive connected, it may attempt to boot from it. Let’s rule this out as a possible cause of failure.
  • Remove all connected docks, hubs, monitors, and other peripherals.
  • These peripherals should not be detected as a boot drive, but an Acer laptop may become confused in rare cases. It’s also possible that a connected device, such as a USB peripheral, is attempting to draw too much power over the USB, causing the Acer laptop to stop trying to turn on.
  • Connect the laptop to a power source.
  • For this step, use the power adapter that came with your laptop. Use of a third-party hub is not permitted (USB or Thunderbolt).
  • Check that the laptop can receive power.
  • Most Acer laptops include an LED light that indicates when the computer is powered on. Check all sides of the computer as it may not be near the power connector. If the laptop is powered on, this LED will light up.

Connect an external display if possible.

  • At first glance, an Acer laptop with a faulty screen may appear unresponsive. If an external monitor works, the laptop’s built-in screen is broken.
  • How to Troubleshoot a Black Screen in Windows 10
    Overnight, leave the Acer laptop plugged in.
  • Even when connected to power, a laptop with a fully discharged battery may not power on. This is built-in protection to prevent further battery discharge of a storm that has already been removed to its bare minimum.
  • Attempt to gain access to the Acer laptop’s BIOS. Press the power button several times, then the F2 key.
  • Accessing BIOS may not completely resolve the problem, but if successful, it indicates that the issue is with the Windows boot sequence rather than the laptop itself. You can try to figure out why Windows won’t boot.
  • Remove any new components that have been installed in the laptop since its purchase. Hard drives, RAM, and Wi-Fi adapters are examples of such elements.
  • It’s possible that a hardware configuration issue caused the Acer laptop to stop booting or that the new hardware is faulty.
  • At this point, the issue is most likely a hardware flaw. A repair shop will need to diagnose the problem and replace the faulty component. Power.


Why can’t my Acer laptop connect to Wi-Fi?

There could be several reasons why your laptop won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Along with problems with the computer, you could have network configuration issues, a faulty modem or router, or software that is blocking your connection. To see if you can connect, restart your hardware and disable your antivirus and firewall software.

How do I factory reset an Acer laptop?

Acer laptops come with a proprietary app for restoring them to factory settings. In the Start menu, type Acer Care Center, and then select Recovery Management > Restore > Get Started > Remove Everything. Then you have the option of removing everything or just your files.

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