How To Share YouTube Videos Directly On Snapchat?

How To Share YouTube Videos Directly On Snapchat in 2022

To share YouTube videos directly on Snapchat, follow our step-by-step instructions.

If you don’t know how to share YouTube videos directly on Snapchat, we can show you how. Furthermore, you won’t have to copy and paste the link to share a YouTube video on Snapchat. It will be easier to manage now, thanks to the new YouTube-Snapchat connection.

How to share YouTube videos directly on Snapchat?

Similar to how it works on iOS, YouTube Music for Android now allows you to share a song directly on Snapchat Stories. But that isn’t the only time YouTube and Snapchat have collaborated.

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Users of Snapchat can now share YouTube videos directly from the app. So you won’t have to copy and paste a video URL to post it on Snapchat anymore because the process has been simplified.

This feature is available on both iOS and Android. Don’t worry; the procedure is simple. As shown in the photos below, select “Snapchat” from the “Share” menu on the YouTube video you want to share.

After completing this step, you will be directed to the Snapchat camera to finish the process. Of course, you’ll be able to add messages, stickers, and all of Snapchat’s other features right away.

As you can see in the third image, the video is inserted as if it were another piece within the Snapchat material. When your friends click on that tag, they will be informed that the video is from YouTube and will be directed to the app or browser version of the video.

It’s worth noting that when we use YouTube Music to share a song on Snapchat, it automatically adds the cover art, artist, and song title, among other information. As a result, listening to music via the YouTube Music app is available.

As a result, you’ll notice opportunities to share content directly from Snapchat on both YouTube and YouTube Music. You’ve now learned how to upload YouTube videos directly to Snapchat.

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