What Is A Firewall And Why Does It Block Your Internet Access?

What Is A Firewall And Why Does It Block Your Internet Access in 2022

Follow our quick guide to learn what a firewall is and how to deal with potential internet access problems.

Today, we’ll look at what a firewall is and why it might limit your internet access at times. For example, the firewall may occasionally block specific Windows ports, preventing you from browsing the Internet freely.

You’re probably using a firewall without even realizing it. Unfortunately, even when this is beneficial to your security while surfing the Internet, the firewall will occasionally block specific sites and refuse to let you in.

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What is a firewall, and why does it block your internet access?

A firewall is a computer component that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and attempts to prevent users from connecting to a private network that is connected to the Internet.

The purpose of the Windows firewall is to block connections that may pose a security risk to you. On the other hand, the firewall can occasionally fail (“false positives”). This software detects and terminates potentially harmful programs. However, it may produce a “false positive,” which means that a program you frequently use is discovered but blocked due to this policy. As a result, you may experience connectivity issues or be unable to use some of your favorite programs.

If you’ve seen anything similar in the last few days, your firewall has most likely blocked several ports. We’ll show you how to check to see if any of your apps aren’t working and how to fix it in Windows settings.

Which Windows firewall blocks applications?

  • The first step is to navigate to the Windows Control Panel, which you can access by going to your start menu, typing “Control Panel,” and then clicking on it.
  • In this section, look for and select the first option, “System and Security.”
  • You can choose “Windows Firewall Defender,” the second option under System and Security.
  • Once you’ve selected this option, a list of all the programs that the Windows firewall allows and blocks will appear.

You can change the parameters here again if you want.

Why is a firewall important for your security?

Since the creation of the Internet, it has been required to be safer to have a sound amplitude and reach everyone; thus, in 1988, numerous researchers began developing the first versions of a firewall to filter digital packets that arrive at your computer.

They improved their ability to assess incoming data and eliminate potential threats over time. Their goal, however, has always been the same: to establish security criteria and filter all communications entering and leaving the computer, deleting everything that is ineffective or dangerous, and leaving only what is required.

However, as we’ve seen, the firewall can occasionally fail and block commonly used programs, so it’s critical to double-check the problem before making any changes to your computer.

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