How To Register Your First Free Device By Dialing *8484#

PTA Introduces USSD Registration For DIRBS | How Can I Register My First Device for Free through PTA

What Is DIRBS?

All SIM-based devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, must be registered, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), or they will be disabled.

The Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System is the name given to the newly introduced verification system (DIRBS)

You can now register even if you don’t have internet access. By dialling *8484#, you can access USSD (SMS) services. The procedure for which is described in detail below.

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How To Register(For Free) Your First Device?


Step 1: Dial *8484#.

Step 2: Reply with ‘1’ for the registration process.

Step 3: If you are a citizen, respond with a ‘1’; otherwise, respond with a ‘2’ if you are a temporary foreigner.

Step 4: If this is your first device to be registered, enter ‘1’ to register it for free. One device per year is free to register. Others, on the other hand, must pay a registration fee.

Step 5: Enter the number from your passport. Make sure to double-check any such information before submitting it.

Step 6: Fill in your CNIC number. Remember to double-check everything.

Step 7: Respond with the number of SIM slots in your device. Because each SIM slot has its own IMEI number.

Step 8: Enter your IMEI number for the first time. Dial *#06# from the desired SIM card to obtain the IMEI No.

Step 9: If you have more than one SIM slot, enter the second IMEI numbers.

Step 10: To complete the process, respond with a ‘1’ or a ‘0’. If you want to double-check your information. By responding with ‘1’, your registration request will be submitted to PTA, and if there is a delay or if you have any questions, you can call the PTA’s helpline at 0800-55555.

You will receive a confirmation message shortly after that, along with your credentials.

TroubleShooting In Case Of Unsuccessful Registration:

If you receive an unsuccessful registration message in response to your registration request, you must consider the following information.

  1. The IMEI is already in the system. And the registration will be unsuccessful.
  2. If the user enters both the Passport and the CNIC number, or only the Passport in the case of a foreigner who is not a traveller and does not travel internationally. The registration will fail and the following message will appear.
  3. If you entered the same IMEI number for both SIMs, the message below will appear. The registration will be unsuccessful.
  4. IMEIs from different devices were entered rather than one or more from the same device. The registration will be unsuccessful.
  5. If the first eight digits (TAC) of the entered IMEI are not GSMA valid, this message will be displayed and registration will fail.
  6. If the user’s phone has dual, triple, or four SIM cards and you only entered the IMEI for one of them, the registration will fail.
  7. The maximum number of devices allowed per year is five. If that limit is exceeded, the sixth device cannot be registered. The registration will fail and the following message will appear.
  8. If the IMEI number has more than 14 digits and less than 16 digits, or if it contains special characters and alphabets. The registration will fail and the following message will appear.
  9. If the IMEI number is more than 13 digits long or contains special characters or alphabets. The registration will fail and the following message will appear.

DIRBS is an excellent initiative for ensuring a safe and healthy mobile device ecosystem in Pakistan. And now, with the introduction of USSD Registration, the process has been simplified even further. It will only permit the use of legalised devices while prohibiting the use of any smuggled or illegal devices. Make sure to register as a responsible citizen as soon as possible!

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