How to Get Free USA Number for Verification 2022

How to Get Free Number for Verification 2022 | How to Get Free Number for OTP 2022

Obtain a Free USA Phone Number for Whatsapp Verification and Other Purposes. Whether you work online or do business in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, or another country. Many websites and internet service providers offer paid phone numbers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Get a Free USA Number for Verification 2022

List the Top 10 Android Virtual Apps that allow you to call and text free phone numbers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom without using a debit card.

1. Groove IP

You can use the Groove I.P. app to send SMS to any phone number. Furthermore, you may receive free calls and messages on your Virtual number.

You will never be charged for call setup or other fees with this application. You can contact any network in any city in the world from anywhere in the country. You can also make money online by watching advertisements, completing surveys, and playing various games on this application.

Because this application may be blocked in your country, you’ll need to use a VPN to access it before installing it. The use of virtual private networks is required for security (VPNs). You can also use this app to verify your WhatsApp or PayPal account if you are looking for a virtual number in the United States.

Your Whatsapp and PayPal accounts and any other app or website may send you an OTP to verify your identity. Finally, you can use this app by installing a VPN, selecting the USA location in the VPN, and using it.

2. Hushed – Calling and Texting

Users of the Hushed app can make and receive phone calls and leave voicemails for SMS sending and obtaining. However, you can only get a free virtual number for three days using this application. As a result, I would never recommend using this application to create and verify a PayPal account.

You can get a USA phone number for three days using this app, after which you can create a free Whatsapp account with a USA phone number. Following that, you may continue to use WhatsApp on a US number.

3. FreeTone – Calling and Texting

You can get free phone numbers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Canada by using FreeTone. However, this app is not free, and when you register, you will be asked for a Referral Code. Fill in the correct referral code to receive points for international calls and a one-year Virtual Number.

You can also earn money by watching advertisements and videos and completing surveys. For $0.05, you can use this app to make free calls and send free SMS. After purchasing a virtual number, it is simple to verify your Paypal, Payoneer, Bank, Whatsapp, and other related applications.

You can get a phone number in the United States for as little as $1 per year. You can earn $1 through advertising and the referral system.

4. TextMe Up – Calling and Texting

When you sign up for TextMe Up in any of the following countries, you will receive one free number: Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, or France. You can make unlimited calls from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for just $2.99 per month. To keep your regular U.S. phone number, purchase a cheap USA number.

This app allows you to make audio and video calls and send and receive messages. Furthermore, SMS can be sent and received free from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

5. Fongo World Edition

Fongo World Edition is a premium app that you should buy if you want to receive unlimited minutes and SMS in the US, UK, and Canada. You can also get the Mod App from the Google Play Store. A lifetime subscription costs $4.99. After using this application, it is simple to obtain a free phone number in the United States and Canada.

6. 2nr – Darmowy Drugi Numer

You can obtain three virtual phone numbers simultaneously by using the 2nr application. This app has received a 5-star rating from over 2k users! As a result, if you require a second phone number, this application is the best option. You can also obtain free virtual phone numbers from the United Kingdom and Canada using this app.

7. TextNow – Free Text & Call

TextNow is a service that provides free mobile phone numbers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it will not work on your phone if you are from Pakistan. You can download this app in Pakistan by using a VPN.

8. Dingtone – Free Text & Calling App

Dingtone is a completely practical application for making free phone calls and sending SMS messages. You can earn money using this application. Dingtone can provide a Free 1 number. For just 1000 points, you can get a free 1-year phone number through this app. Points can be earned through games, surveys, offers, and daily rewards.

9. 2nd Line – Texts and Calls

The 2nd Line is a useful application for obtaining free US phone numbers. Use this app to verify, make phone calls, and lookup phone numbers. On some sites, this method works well.

I will not recommend that you use these applications. To open a PayPal or Real account for business or personal use, you must purchase a yearly or lifetime Premium Virtual Number.


SMSPlaza: It is the most expensive and best number site.

ReceiveSMSOnline: You can receive SMS messages using this website.

GetfreeSMSnumber: Get SMS from all over the world or use them to verify your identity.

I discovered these websites, and they are all completely functional. I recommend using apps rather than websites to create free Whatsapp accounts in the United States. They have been banned from Whatsapp and Facebook because thousands of people have already registered with them.

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