How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Your Android Phone

To Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Your Android Phone in 2022

Because everything is available on the phone, it has become a source of illumination for us. Saving data and images from the internet is a common practice these days. Taking screenshots of websites is common practice. To help us, Android 12 includes a new feature that allows us to take a single screenshot and choose how much content we want to capture from the page. The full-page or scrolling screenshot is the name of this new feature.

First and foremost, what exactly is a scrolling screenshot? Scrolling screenshots enable the user to capture more content in a single screenshot or to provide a “panoramic” screenshot of the screen. We’ll show you how to take a scrolling screenshot in this section.

  • The first step is to ensure that your device supports scrolling screenshots on Android 12.
  • Next, open the page, app, or screen you want to screenshot and press the power and volume buttons together to take the screenshot.
  • After taking the screenshot, it will float in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • A button with the label “Capture more” is visible in the hovering screenshot; tap on it.
  • Your phone will now take you to a new screen. That screen will show the entire screen content you took a screenshot of. You can now resize the screenshot to your liking.
  • A small magnifying glass is useful in determining the appropriate amount of content.
  • Once you’ve determined the best size for you, click the save button to save your scrolling screenshot.

There is no new skill to aid in the capture of a screenshot; instead, the same old method is used. You’ll get the “editing” options, just like in the old days, where you can crop or doodle on the content of the scrolling screenshot.

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It is a good upgrade that everyone will appreciate, especially those more interested in simply swooping around other people’s content.

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