How to watch Microsoft Surface event 2022

To watch Microsoft Surface event 2022

The Microsoft Surface event 2021 is set to occur today, September 22. Microsoft showcases its upcoming devices and software at this event, but this time the event is more important for one reason: Windows 11, which will be released on October 5. We are very excited about the upcoming Windows because rumors have revealed that it will be packed with fantastic features.

The company is expected to showcase the hardware of its latest operating system and four new Windows devices and the Android-based Surface Duo at the event.

Microsoft’s Surface event 2021: What to Expect?

Here are how to watch and some rumors about the entire lineup.

Time of Surface Event:

This event, like all others, will be streamed online by Covid and will begin at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. You can watch it in Pakistan at 8 p.m.

How to Watch Surface online event:

There will be two options for watching: Microsoft’s event page or the Surface YouTube channel.

What are we expecting to see at the event?

According to rumors and leaks, we can expect to see the following devices at the launch event:

Surface Pro 8

This is one of the most popular surface materials. Its predecessor, the Pro 7, was well-received when released in October of this year, and we anticipate that, like the previous devices, the Pro 8 will deliver an A-game experience. According to leaks, the Pro 8 will have a larger display with smaller bezels, putting it on par with Apple’s iPad Pro. Furthermore, it is speculated that Microsoft will include Thunderbolt on at least one Pro 8 model.

Surface Book 4

People appear to prefer the Surface Book 4 over the Surface Pro 8. The surface book’s selling point is detaching the display and using it as a low-powered tablet. The laptop has switched to a mechanism that allows users to remove the collection from the keyboards and use them as tablets.

Surface Go 3

This is a low-cost tablet with a 10.5-inch screen and poor performance. People like this tablet because it is within their price range, but the features are not particularly appealing.

Surface Pro X

Compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro X hasn’t changed much. However, like other Surface products, it is expected to get a faster processor and possibly a 120Hz display. Aside from that, there are no other changes.

Surface Duo 2

Because of its basic features and hardware, the Surface Duo did not receive the attention it deserved. However, Duo 2 may include a plethora of features. According to rumors, it will be upgraded to a Snapdragon 888 processor and other features such as 5G and NFC. The fingerprint sensor on the Duo 2 will be relocated along with the power button, while the USB-C port will be moved to the phone’s right side. Other than that, we don’t have any information, so that Microsoft may have something in store for us.

It appears that today’s event could be used to announce firm launch dates for products that have been announced, making new Surface products even more appealing.

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