How People are Receiving Fake Packages due to Daraz Data Leakage Scandal

People are Receiving Fake Packages due to Daraz Data Leakage Scandal in 2022

Daraz is a very good e-commerce store, and we wouldn’t be wrong if we said it had brought an online shopping revolution to Pakistan. However, when something becomes popular in Pakistan, we should be prepared to welcome the frauds and scams that come with it. Daraz. Pk experienced the same fate. Initially, its service began to deteriorate because Daraz used to monitor all of the sellers themselves. Over time, we began to receive fake items; while Daraz is not entirely responsible for this, the company should maintain some checks and balances. After a while, we noticed that products of the same price varied so much that there was a bitter difference of thousands of rupees in one product. Again, Daraz is not entirely to blame because it is all about registered sellers bidding their products according to their desires, but Daraz. Pk should have kept a check and balance. However, things are deteriorating. The story does not end here, from the Drone scam to sending them the vlogging kit with DSLR. The company is currently dealing with a Daraz data leakage scandal, for which Daraz is solely responsible.

So What’s the Story?

So a man named Umar Gujjar approached the Voice of Customer to report something horrifying that had happened to him. He purchased an air fryer from Daraz for Rs 16,000.00. However, before the genuine Daraz team could deliver the product, a phoney Daraz team returned a box with the same packaging and received the money. It should be noted that the box was packaged in the same way that Daraz delivers the items to us, with the orange logo on a white shopper. The Daraz original team created the original package after five hours. As a result, the man had already squandered his 16,000 rs.

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Here’s how People are Receiving Fake Packages due to Daraz Data Leakage Scandal

The problem here is directly related to Daraz. There is a data leakage issue, and the company is compromising the data taken by users in some way. When a user uses an app, conducts monetary transactions, and enters a phone number and address, the company is responsible for all user information. If the company cannot do so, there is a flaw in its system that must be addressed immediately.

While Daraz has not issued a statement, it should come forward and explain to its users what happened and what steps it is taking to keep our data safe. Only then should we purchase products from Daraz because nothing is more important or private than the data associated with us.

We contacted Daraz about this and received the following response:

“In light of the recent delivery frauds, we’d like to assure our customers that there has been no data breach and that all of our servers are still operational.” We assure you that customer protection is our top priority, and we are collaborating with all stakeholders to resolve the issue as soon as possible.’

We are also in contact with the individual who shared the overall story, and we will get back to you with the conclusion.

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