How to delete multiple emails in Outlook

To delete multiple emails in Outlook in 2022

Unless you use a time management strategy like Inbox Zero, your Outlook inbox is likely to be overflowing with email. Some may be relevant, but many more are most likely out of date and only serve to obstruct your view of more important messages. In Outlook’s desktop application, you can delete multiple emails from an email folder at once. You can choose to send your emails sequentially, non-consecutively, or simultaneously.

To begin, launch Outlook on your computer. From Outlook’s left sidebar, select the folder where you want to delete emails.

Delete Multiple Emails with Keyboard shortcuts

To delete multiple emails, use keyboard shortcuts. Users in Outlook can quickly delete all emails by using shortcut keys. Take the following steps:

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  • To begin, navigate to the mail folder from which you wish to delete emails.
  • Then, select multiple or all emails and delete them with the Erase key, or press Shift + Delete keys at the same time to permanently delete all emails.

How to delete emails on Outlook from Mobile

Open the folder containing the messages you want to remove.

  • ┬áTap and hold the first message you want to delete to select it. After a brief moment, checkboxes will appear to the left of each email.
  • Tap on each message you want to delete.
  • At the top of the screen, tap “Select All” to delete everything in this folder.
  • When you’re finished, tap the Delete icon at the bottom of the screen.

Delete Outlook from the server

While reviewing various methods for deleting emails in MS Outlook, removing emails from the Outlook server is critical. You may come across a situation where you need to know how to delete Outlook emails from the server. That is, from an profile multiple times. MS Outlook account creation is free, but storage space is limited. As a result, users must delete all Outlook emails from the server to make room for new data.

To delete all the emails in a single folder

  1. Simply click on a message to select it.
  2. Use CTRL + A to select all of the messages in the folder
  3. Press the Delete key to remove them.

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