How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode on Windows or Mac

To Enable Chrome Dark Mode on Windows or Mac in 2022

The dark mode is now a fancy and sought-after feature in every useful app. Google introduced the Dark Mode feature for a number of its services quite some time ago. It has recently added a dark mode feature to Google Search. Dark mode, for those who are unaware, provides a comfortable Web browsing experience in low light. It darkens the interface, including your homepage, toolbar, and settings, to help reduce eye strain. It also contributes to increased battery life if you want to use your browser in dark mode. Here’s how to use Windows settings to enable Chrome dark mode on Windows.

How to enable Chrome Dark mode on a Windows PC

To enable the Dark Mode on Chrome on a Windows PC, ensure that the device runs Windows 10.

  • Select Start, then Settings, and finally Personalization.
  • Go to Colors and then select Dark as the default app mode.
  • Now launch Chrome to try out Dark mode.
  • Don’t worry if you’re a Mac user; you can enable dark mode in your software’s settings.

How to enable Chrome Dark Mode on a Mac

For Mac devices running macOS 10.14 and later, Apple has included a system-wide Dark Mode. You can install Dark Mode on your Mac by following these simple steps.

  • Select the Apple menu, then System Preferences.
  • Go to General and choose Dark as your Appearance preference.
  • To see Chrome’s Dark mode, launch it.

Why is Dark Mode Better?

The research into the effects of the dark mode is far from conclusive. However, some people claim that using the dark method benefits them. We already know that blue light exposure has been linked to various negative side effects, including difficulty sleeping and eye strain. Blue light exposure may be reduced if you use dark mode. You can also achieve these results by lowering your screen’s brightness.

Furthermore, the dark mode increases the contrast between the text you’re reading and the background. This would make reading it on your device easier.

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