How To Promote Your Business On Social Media For Free?

To Promote Your Business On Social Media For Free in 2022

Online business is the in-demand business of today, and it may be the only business that exists in the future. I previously wrote about The Best Platforms For Shifting Your Traditional Business Setup Online, so I decided to go a step further and define free ways to promote your business on social media apps!

How To Promote Your Business For Free On Social Media Apps?

Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter are examples of social media apps. They are, however, no longer just a means of communication but have evolved into proper business tools that can be used not only to promote but also to run an appropriate setup of the business.

Social media is the best free promotional tool for online businesses. Among these social media Apps, the most popular business platforms are Instagram and Facebook, which we will discuss today. You have to create business accounts and pages with your brand name on Instagram and Facebook and then start posting your products. You can also use WhatsApp and Snapchat to keep your contacts up to date on your business via direct messages, business groups, or uploading product images to your statuses.

Although there are paid promotions available on social media apps, I will discuss how to promote your business for free solely through social media apps.

How To Promote Your Business For Free On Facebook And Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram have linked Apps because they share a common owner. This is extremely advantageous when they are used as business tools. Here are the steps to take if you want to learn how to use social media for business:

Step 1:

Create a Facebook page for your brand.

Step 2:

Make an Instagram account for your brand and connect it to your Facebook business page. You must be the ‘Admin’ of the Facebook page to combine the two.

Step 3:

Take or create professional-looking photos of your products to post on Instagram. If you want my recommendation for a good online photo editor, I recommend It is simple to use, has a large number of free templates and elements to choose from, and aids in the creation of very professional business advertisements. Understand that these ads are the only online representation of your company.

Step 4:

Post a photo of your product on Instagram. Add a brief descriptive caption to the uploaded image, along with relevant hashtags, and check the ‘Always Post To Facebook’ option to automatically post all photos to Facebook once they are uploaded to Instagram.

Step 5:

You can also create a ‘Shop’ on Facebook to make all of your products more accessible and easy to order.

And you’re finished!

How To Increase Your Audience On Instagram And Facebook For Free?

  • Maintain Consistency. The most important aspect of running and promoting your online business is consistency! Set goals and meet them, such as posting two to three times per day. Alternatively, hire a specialised employee to manage your social media accounts to make this process untapped. But if you want to, you can easily do it yourself!
  • Upload relevant content. If you don’t have what the audience wants, it’s pointless. Keep current political and social conditions, market trends, and your competitors in mind to ensure that you provide something unique, something at a lower cost, or something of unrivalled quality, anything that will set you apart!
  • Provide Incentives for Online Shopping. Discounted deals, sales, free delivery for orders over a certain amount, buy one get one free, buy any product and get an Rs.1000 gift voucher, and other similar online shopping incentives may help your business go the extra mile toward online startup success.

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